Employee Assessment


What we do?


“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” -(Carl Jung)


The assessment services offered by Leaderonomics are designed specifically to facilitate this process of achieving self-awareness and intentional growth for your most valued talents. Our Assessment services offer an opportunity for your talents to become more self-aware of their own strengths, to identify areas for development and help direct their aspirations for growth. Using this information, they can be well on their way to becoming future leaders in their respective fields.


How We do?

An effective talent assessment requires complex and comprehensive understanding of talents from various perspectives to ensure higher predictive value. The Leaderonomics Assessment Process Principals (LAPP) presents an eclectic, multi-dimensional approach to talent assessment that is centered around competencies, grounded by the Leaderonomics Leadership Philosophy. The tenets of the LAPP are geared towards high consumer confidence in our talent assessment process where the results are essential for crucial talent decisions within your organization. The tenets are:

Complexity Simplified

Personalised Touch

Development Focused

Objectivity Through Best Practices

LAPP: D-EV-L-P Framework

D-EV-L-P (pronounced develop) Framework implies that it is a development-focused framework that promotes sustainable talent assessment and development for business excellence


“The value of the LAPP is that while foundationally it is secure, the implementation process is flexible.”


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