Do Good

Through Do Good, we put into action our commitment to helping the non-profit sphere. We partner with communities and organisations to mobilise collective volunteerism and maximise impact in our society. Do Good strives to empower NGO leaders by bridging gaps, thus driving positive change in our nation.


DoGoodAcademyDo Good Academy – An initiative by Leaderonomics which aims to build a community of world-class NGO leaders to help continue nation building and drive positive change in the nation. The academy focuses on collaboration with NGO leaders to grow their capacity and capability of their leadership of social cause organisations.

Our tagline ‘Share. Learn. Collaborate’ constantly reminds us of the three key components of our academy identity as well as genuinely representing the three key components of the academy’s vision and mission statement:

Share: With the word “share,” we are focused on the idea of building community of sharing and lending strength to the ones in need.

Learn: The word “learn” is in the middle of the set of three terms because learning is at the center of DGA. It is focused on educating and building the capacity of NGOs but creating an avenue of how we can learn from one another, even for the trainer’s themselves.

Collaborate: The last of our three signature words focuses on the ultimate element of our DGA identity: unity in Do Good. This ties with another one of our mission statement which is to unite NGOs to collaborate and grow through networks.


DoGoodVolunteer A social initiative powered by Leaderonomics Do Good. Volunteer. (,  is an online matching volunteer portal that helps to connect nonprofits with volunteers and volunteers are matched to the causes they are passionate about. Do Good. Volunteer. also aims to partner with organisations (e.g. corporate companies, brands, clubs and educational institutions) to mobilise collective volunteering in the wider community.

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