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With so many gorgeous cities to visit each year, it sure is a great time for tourism and vacations. What better way to experience all of them this school holidays than by experiencing all of it! This year, DIODE will be taking leadership lessons from great leaders from breathtaking cities from all over the world, like Tokyo, Rio, and even our very own Kuala Lumpur. Prepare for a fun-filled and immersive experience as we incorporate the theme into our learning sessions, games and daily learning objectives throughout the entire duration of the camps.

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Growing people into leaders, building communities of love & transforming the nation. 



The DIODE Camps are leadership camps catered for youths aged 8 to 19. Each of these camps target a specific age group and contains unique key learning points to help youths overcome challenges that are relevant to their stage of life. Through the DIODE, we hope to help youths discover their leadership potential, encourage them to build healthy relationships with other youths and  empower them to make a difference in the community.




Camp participants will discover their leadership potential through engaging sessions and simulations, exciting games and a hands-on approach to making a difference in the community around them.

Leaderonomics believes in continuous, life-long training. This is why participants who have gone through our camps will be given an opportunity to enroll in a special Facilitator Selection Programme. Any DIODE Camp Alumni who passes the selection programme, will be provided with further training and mentoring programmes by our DIODE team to become facilitators in the future, FREE of charge!

We also believe in giving equal opportunities for youths to grow as leaders. With that in mind, we provide scholarships for underprivileged youths to be part of our leadership camps every year. These youths would make up at least 30% of the campers of each of our DIODE Camps, all of whom are equally as deserving of success as the other.






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1. When is the camp application due?

The last day to sign up for our camp is due two (2) weeks before the first day of camp.

2. What programs does your camp offer? How do I choose the programs?

Each of our programs are specially developed to address the issues and challenges faced by children and youth at a certain developmental age. You can choose the right programme by selecting any Programme / Camp which caters to your/your child’s age.


DIODE Kids is a specially designed programme for kids aged 8-10. Through this experiential leadership programme, kids will kick off their leadership journey and explore how to be successful leaders through fun filled games and exciting activities!

DIODE Tweens Leadership Camp (TLC)

Specially designed for tweens aged 11-12 year olds to address some of the challenges that they might face as they approach this dynamic phase of development. In DIODE Tweens Leadership Camp, we aim to instil assertiveness and confidence through various experiential sessions and live projects.

DIODE Youth Leadership Camp (YLC)

DIODE Youth Leadership Camp is a camp experience like no other! The camp is designed for youth aged 13-16 to uncover their leadership potential. This camp focuses on building the foundations of leadership and opens the opportunity for youth to explore their skills and talents in a safe environment guided by trained facilitators.

DIODE International Youth Camp (ILC)

This camp is also for youth between the ages of 13-16 who want to take their leadership learning to the next level. Specially designed for youth who are passionate about wanting to make a difference, this camp will challenge and empower them to be a positive influencers in their community.

DIODE School Leavers Camp (SLC)

Know someone who has just finished with SPM/STPM and have no idea what to do? DIODE School Leavers Camp is the perfect opportunity for those of the ages of 17-19. This camp aims to discuss issues they might face as they move towards tertiary education or the working world.

3. How can I register for camp?

To sign up for any of our camps, you just need to click on the specific camp link on the right side of the DIODE Leadership Camp website. In the page, scroll below and you will see the “Register Now” button. Registrations will be open soon.

4. How will I know if my registration was received?

You will receive a confirmation email the moment the registration has gone through.

5. What are the items covered in the fee?

The fee covers accommodation (for residential camps), F&B, materials, T-shirt, insurance and camp merchandises. Transport to outstation campsites can be arranged.

6. What is the camper to facilitator’s ratio?

Our camper to facilitator’s ratio is 7:1 for teen programmes and 5:1 for tweens and kids.

7. How do I prepare for camp?

Camp preparation mailer will be sent out 2 weeks before the camp. Mailer will include information about camp, the location and time for pick up and drop off, additional campsite information, suggested packing list, emergency contact info and the camp programme outline.

8. Is there an opportunity for parents to meet with the main camp team or administrators?

Yes. You can contact us through our email or call us at our office to arrange for a meeting if you’d like to meet us to find out more about the team and our camp programmes.

9. Is there a parent visiting day at DIODE Camp during a camp period?

We recommend no parent visitation during the camp period. This is to encourage campers to be more independent and bond with other campers and facilitators during the camp. However if there is a specific reason for such visitation, do contact the DIODE team at the Leaderonomics office.

10. Will campers be sleeping in a tent or a dorm?

Unless the program states otherwise, overnight programs are spent in dorms. The dorms consist of a large-room with bunk beds. Most dorms accommodate 6 – 20 campers. Male and female campers are accommodated in separate dorms.

11. How are campers placed in their dorms?

Campers are placed in dorms with mixed age groups to encourage peer mentorship and relationship building.

12. What will campers do all day?

A typical day goes from 8am – 10pm, and each day is filled with exciting activities to ensure that campers enjoy their learning experience. Our programmes concentrate on providing hands-on experiences through our 70-20-10 model, where 70% is devoted to live and action learning experiences, 20% to mentoring and coaching, and 10% to formal classroom training. Each day at DIODE features a mix of personal choice, small group, and large group activities that aims to build the skills needed to be a great leader!

13. Do they swim in a pool or river?

Unless stated otherwise in the camp program, campers will not be allowed to swim in a pool/river should the campsite provide such amenities.

14. Can the campers call home?

If campers decide to bring their mobile phone to camp, they will be reminded to only use it during their break time so they can fully focus on the experiences available in camp and also to build a strong friendship with the rest of the campers. Campers will also be fully responsible of their own devices.

15. Is there a laundry service available?

Unless stated otherwise, there will not be a laundry service for the campers. Therefore, we encourage campers to pack sufficient clothes for the camp duration. Suggested packing list is included in the Pre-Camp Mailer.

16. What is the food like?

We have three meals a day, plus a supper snack. All our meals are Halal. If the camper is a vegetarian, you can indicate so in the registration form and we will ensure that special menu is planned for vegetarians.

17. My child has allergies. How do you accommodate his/her diet?

Each year, we have a number of campers that attend DIODE Camp with food allergies. Parents are asked to identify any allergies or special diets with us when completing the registration form so that we can inform the relevant parties to prepare accordingly.

18. Will there be prayer time for the campers?

There will be Prayer times allocated for Muslim campers.

19. What happens if the camper falls sick during camp?

We have trained first aiders at the campsite. In the event of sickness or medical emergencies, the camper will be taken to the hospital/clinic for appropriate treatment. Please ensure that any allergies or medical conditions are made known to us in the registration form.

20. Where can I direct any additional questions I may have?

Any additional questions about camp in general can be sent to diode@leaderonomics.com. Or you can also contact the relevant persons below:
DIODE Camps: Yasir Osman at +6 (03) 7957 5809 ext. 2023.
DIODE Kids: Nicholas Chin at +6 (03) 7957 5809 ext. 2024.

[blockquote] At DIODE, our goal is to grow and build 1 youth leader at a time, so that they become leaders that will change the world! I remember 2 campers who were brothers. They were not talking to each other initially, but after experiencing DIODE, they became brothers that supported each other. Their mother even drove all the way to our office because the sons kept pestering her to bring them to visit the facilitators who inspired them. The mother’s first question when we met was “What did you all do to these boys?” I love the fact that our camp changes not just the youth but their parents, classmates and the community around them in a positive way – Ang Hui Ming, co-founder and COO Leaderonomics[/blockquote]
For any other specific inquiries, email to us at diode@leaderonomics.com or call us at 03-79575809.
We will be more than happy to answer your inquiries and help you to understand our work here in building this nation through the development of the youths in Malaysia.