CEO CONFERENCE 2019: Malaysia Living Dangerously

About CEO Conference 2019

With the global economy and consumers transitioning to a digital economy, businesses must adapt quickly. For Malaysia, the chilling reality is that the vast majority of our 920,624 businesses are not yet smart adopters of digital. The World Bank and SME Corp, in separate reports, point this out as well. That being said, The CEO Conference 2019 is a conference designed for SME leaders with the mission to serve that need. In conjunction with its theme – Embracing Digital to Power Growth, this event aims to expose SMEs to the impact of digitalisation on their respective industries and enables SME CEOs the opportunity to grow by leveraging technology and digital. In addition, delegates will be able exposed to industry experts who have been through the pain points of embracing digital and emerged victorious via an intimate panel discussion.

For the first time in Malaysia, this conference will also feature InsideRisk, an immersive simulation to help SME’s and their leaders to dramatically increase their trust-building and critical thinking abilities particularly in the era of digital and technology. Be amongst the first in Malaysia to re-live a real hostage crisis situation, immerse yourself in the experience and emerge understanding what it takes to be a leader.

Key Areas of the Conference:

Big Data and Leveraging it for Business Growth

Adopt Digital to Scale Smartly

Culture and its Impact on Leveraging Technology

What’s in it for me

Networking Opportunities

Gain Knowledge & Insights on leveraging Big Data

Understand the Impact of Culture in Leveraging Technology

Be Equipped with Knowledge to Drive Change and Growth in Your Organization

Engage with Industry Experts and Global Leaders


Speaker Profile

Datuk Dr. Pramjit A. Singh
Dr. Gabriel Walter
Zeehan Zahari
Dr. Nikolai Dobberstein
Nicholas Gan
Sashe Kanapathi
Roshan Thiran

How to Register

Step 1: Fill in all required information on the registration form here.
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Step 4: On the 3rd week of December, a welcome e-mail will be sent to all delegates to login to the event portal.

Conference Fees

Early Bird – RM 580* by 21st December 2018
Regular – RM 628*

*T&C for conference tix

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