Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP)

Talent Acceleration Program

“Talent is the only competency that endures, while financial results, market share, brand, and products all undergo changes”


What we do?



Leaderonomics Talent Accelerator Programmes provides you a strong weapon in your arsenal in the War for Talents (a term coined by Steve Hankin of McKinsey in 1997). We live in a world of talent-ism, where an organization’s success relies heavily on their ability to keep and develop their talent. By providing our client’s with very specialized, highly intensive and customizable programmes, we allow them to truly accelerate talent in a way that differentiates itself from traditional learning & development.
We provide unique world class programmes by consulting and diagnosing an organization thoroughly to ensure that the needs are met. Then, customizing learning journeys that are based on real-world experience (e.g. project and industry-based training and trips).
By providing opportunities for talents to challenge themselves and expand their boundaries, we accelerate their learning journey beyond traditional learning. We are unique in the market in our unique experiential journeys that are both customized and contextualized to the client’s needs. Below are some case studies of programmes we’ve offered.


How we do?


We believe that the framework below will allow your talent to embark on a continuous competency-enhancing cycle because the defined and carefully designed experiences will drive the competencies that create value and growth. These will, in turn, generate new experiences. Over time, this self-sustaining cyclical process will automatically drive competitiveness, whilst providing your high potentials with meaningful and fulfilling experiences to facilitate talent retention and personal growth and development.


TAP Elements


Gamified & Simulated Learning

Peer Coaching & Cross Mentoring

Enterprise Field Trips

Leadership Fireside Chats, Speakers Sharing & Shared Forums

Supplementary Materials

Aspiration Chats, Program Manager & Individual Reports

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