Talent Assessment

Talent Assessment

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Self Awareness. Intentional Learning. Directed Growth.

Often, we may be less aware of our own personal strengths and weaknesses than we perceive ourselves to be. Without a keen understanding of what we are good at, and where we can grow, it becomes difficult to ensure our learning efforts are not being wasted. At Leaderonomics, we believe in pursuing intentional growth – growing with a sense of direction and planned effort.

The assessment services offered by Leaderonomics are designed specifically to facilitate this process of achieving self-awareness and intentional growth for your most valued talents. Our Assessment services offer an opportunity for your talents to become more self-aware of their own strengths, to identify areas for development and help direct their aspirations for growth. Using this information, they can be well on their way to becoming future leaders in their respective fields.

Beyond the individual level, the insights derived from assessments can be useful to the organisation as it can assist the identification of key talents within your talent pool. As part of our services, we also group analyses which can be used to help your organisation understand the collective strengths and gaps for a group of talents, that will be. Using this information, your management can proceed to reap their potential and develop the future leaders of your organisation.

Some merits of talent assessments include


Talent Assessments are conducted for with several end goals in mind


To ensure we are able to assess individuals holistically, we use an array of methods such as


Leaderonomics understands that each organisation is unique. With that in mind, we are able to combine these various methods across different assessment approaches, to suit your organisation’s recruitment, development, promotion and succession planning needs.

The Leaderonomics Talent Assessment Approaches

Scenario-Based Assessment Centre

* This 1-day program sees individuals being assessed through individual and group discussions, presentations, role-plays and competency-based interviews. The approach is complemented with additional Psychometric testing to obtain the most holistic assessment possible.

* This approach is suitable for talent identification, development, promotion and recruitment purposes.


Business Simulation Assessment Centre

* A solution unique to Leaderonomics, this 2—day program sees participants being assessed while undergoing a realistic simulation of running a business. The approach combines learning and assessments, with group discussions, presentations, role-plays and interviews embedded within the business simulation platform. The approach is also complemented with Psychometric Testing. Participants stand to take home real-life lessons based on experiential learning and guidance by consultants who are part of the simulation, making it a beneficial experience for candidates.

* This approach is suitable for talent identification and development of larger groups.

Activity-Based Assessment Centre

* This program emphasizes a non-traditional approach to assessment centres, focusing on using activity-based platforms to enable behavioural observation. This program is exciting and engaging, and ideal for younger participants as it combines hands-on and cognitive-based activities. Variations of this program utilize experiential simulations as observation platforms. Available in various formats from ½ day to stay-in bootcamps.

* This approach is suitable for recruitment and talent identification of larger groups, management trainee programmes and scholarship selection


Graduate Recruitment Selection

* An end-to end graduate and scholarship selection process comprising of a multi-stage assessment process from interviews to assessment centres for selecting the best of the best. Focusing on leadership competencies, our approaches are engaging and suited for a younger crowd. Besides providing a platform for evaluation, our approaches provide a unique opportunity for our customers to brand themselves through our “fun” and “engaging” programmes.


Psychometric Profiling Selection

* Leaderonomics carries a range of tools suitable for measuring personality, preferences, aptitude and motivational characteristics of individuals. Mapping them to behavioural dimensions relevant to the workplace, we are able to provide value-add feedback and workshop-based solutions to help any professional understand and interpret results. Leaderonomics carries tools for all ranges, from mass-use to premium and highly comprehensive tools.

* Suitable for use in talent development and recruitment.


Competency Based Interviews

* Leaderonomics offers a host of highly qualified assessors for conducting Competency Based Interviews for your talents or future hires. Taking it one step further, we offer CBI design and internal up-skilling services for enabling your organization to take your interviewing to the next level.

* Suitable for us in talent identification, development, recruitment and promotion assessments.


Multi-Angled Feedback Assessments (360)

* Feedback is the greatest gift an individual can give or receive. Using online 360 tools, we are able to facilitate the sharing of perspectives and evidences of behavior in the workplace between peers, subordinates and superiors.

* This approach is suitable for talent identification, development and promotion for small groups or across organisations.


Leaderonomics carries standard and customised solutions, including assessments related to Change Management, and Simulation-based Assessments. We have crafted unique solutions for our clients and would be happy to speak to you to find out how we can assist you in your talent assessment needs.

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