Sounding Board

Sounding Board

Looking for world’s leading best practices to benchmark or implement? Team up with our Sounding Board comprising of our global network of CEOs, functional business leaders, HR practitioners and academic experts.  Our Sounding Board consultants represent over 200 years of leadership and business expertise from various Fortune 500 multinationals to GLCs and NGOs.

We have in-depth experience from strategic board-levels all the way to operational and transactional level including factory-floor improvements or customer centers effectiveness. Amongst the reason why organisations use our consultants include the following:

– Global Knowledge and experience from Fortune 100 companies from Asia, US, Europe  and Australia

– Global Thought Leaders from over 25 strategic partner organisations internationally

– Strategic and Operational capabilities with our collective breadth and depth of knowledge and experiences gained across roles, industries and regions.

– HR Expertise of over 60 years of cumulative experience to bring together a holistic platform of leading talent and HR practices, expertise, strategic & operational systems and processes to support organisational strategy and high performance.

Our Key Sounding Board expertise cover these areas:

1) Strategic Leadership Development

2) Corporate Strategy and Management

3) HR and Culture Change

4) Talent Management

6) Succession Planning

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