Our Learning Philosophy

Learning Philosophy

“Play is the highest form of learning” – Albert Einstein

At Leaderonomics, we see the process of building leaders as a science with fundamental principles and foreseeable dynamics. We know leaders are made through experiences, practice, hard work and sacrifice.

The traditional form of learning is mainly classroom-based where where students ‘listen’ to a person ‘teach’. But learning by listening is only results in a 10% information retention rate after 3 months. Learning by visualisation does not fare much better, with only 20% being retained 3 months post-training.

We believe that people learn best not by being fed theory, but by having practical experiences. Research backs our claim, showing that people retain 70% of what they learn after 3 months when the learning is through experience.

And so we have flipped the typical learning model over. Instead of ‘learning through listening’, we promote ‘learning while doing’ in our development programmes. They concentrate on providing hands-on experiences through our 70-20-10 model, where 70% is devoted to live and action learning (including simulations, role plays, live projects and learning through failure), 20% to mentoring and coaching and 10% to interactive classroom training.


Our Expertise

As an organisation, we seek to shape the future and role models of leadership by leveraging our talents and capabilities, guided by our values.

  • Our team has…

    Global exposure, subject matter expertise, practical operational experience, and passion and commitment to help every individual reach their leadership potential.

  • Our programmes and content provide…

    Research and insights from the world’s best leaders, leadership development best practices and a coherent learning experience for individuals across all social segments and ages.

We discipline ourselves to continuously explore and understand new areas of leadership, such as links between brain development and leadership, and Asian leadership models, in order to deliver the best content and the most effective leadership programmes.  Today, we are proud to see numerous global organisations leverage on our corporate services and partner with us on our media and community work.

At Leaderonomics, we believe that everyone is a leader – whether a youth passionate about a cause, a parent leading the family, CEOs driving organisational growth or even politicians making a difference. We are devoted to inspiring, facilitating and fuelling the learning and development of every person from the formative stages of leadership to the highest levels of leadership.