Our young future leaders in schools and universities, both in Malaysia and abroad, need our support and attention. They are striving to meet the tough expectations that our 21st century society has set for them.

They are expected not only to be academically superior, but also socially apt, hardworking, versatile, technology-savvy, financially-sound all while specialising in their respective fields through education. We count on them to do well because they are our leaders of tomorrow, and they will soon join us in driving our respective economies through work.

What they have ahead of them is quite a daunting task. But they don’t have to be alone.

At Leaderonomics Campus, we empower undergraduates by arming them with a sound command of practical and professional knowledge, fostering creative and critical thinking, and facilitating the evolution of their unique leadership styles.

Through our programmes, we challenge them to take charge of their transition from classroom to office. We encourage them to think on their feet by putting them in mock crisis situations where they are forced to adapt, breakthrough and shine.

How we do it

For undergraduates to prepare for work life, they must know what the working world has in store for them. Using simulations and adapting modules that are currently used to train corporate employees and leaders, we have developed programmes and initiatives that are both stimulating and packed with learning gems.

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