In tough economic times, operational efficiency becomes crucial in ensuring survival. This course teaches you to instill a productive culture by teaching you how to:

i. Efficiently confront and overcome challenges by empowering those closest to the problem to find solutions.

ii. Build a productive culture through increased employee accountability, ownership, trust,
and collaboration.

iii. Ensure that managers and employees are aware of the implications of their decisions on other divisions and the organisation as a whole.


Who Should Attend

Those who acknowledge the existence of inefficiencies and believe in the power of their employees to find better solutions, those who feel that the main obstacle to improvement is lack of employee buy-in, those looking to eliminate bottlenecks/wastage urgently, those who believe that increased functional expertise would expedite problem-solving initiatives.


Course Description

This programme provides you with the ActionLabs’ technical framework. But more importantly, it provides you with the necessary tools to overcome potential resistance to change, mobilise employee commitment, and finally, ensure that the change initiatives are integrated into your organisation’s processes and culture.


Course Outline




• Selecting critical business goals
• Finding a champion to oversee the goal and run ActionLabs


• Selecting planning team to guide ActionLabs initiatives


• Refining a challenge into sub-challenges
• Defining measurable goals Allocating each sub-challenge to the right team
• Compiling critical data from ActionLabs initiatives

ActionLabs Teams

• Systematically analysing the roots of sub-challenges
• Using ActionLabs tools to investigate and find possible solutions to each sub-challenge
• Defining costs and benefits of recommendations
• Formulating an action plan to implement recommendations


• Deciding which recommendations to adopt and which to shelve
Monitoring • Overseeing the implementation of recommendations over a 90-day period

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