/ Leader-raw-noh-mix /
(That’s how its pronounced in the Northern Hemisphere. For Southerners, it’s pronounced /leader-noh-mics/)

Leaderonomics is a social enterprise dedicated to transforming developing nations through leadership development. We believe that leadership is what makes nations, organisations and communities great. Similarly, lack of leadership destroys and diminishes societies.

Our goal is to enable every single person to fulfill their potential as the leader they were meant to be. We dream of bringing leadership development to the remotest parts of developing nations, ensuring that everyone who aspires to be a leader, is provided the tools and processes to enable them to “build communities of love”.

We believe that enabling even just one individual to become a leader could have a monumental effect on the organisation or community they live and work in. And when communities grow and thrive on the foundations of love, we envision nations being transformed.

We are an organisation on a mission. We know that we will never accomplish our vision alone and so we look forward to partnering with you to transforming your nation, community or organisation. Join us in this journey of growing people into leaders.

Our History

Watch this short video which gives you a brief history of our formation.