Team Building


Team Building

Our team building programme is a fun-filled experiential journey about individuals working as a team to meet organisational deliverables. Teams will be exposed to ideas and concepts of working professionally and staying focused on the big picture despite individual differences. The program incorporates interesting outdoor and indoor team challenges that will take participants through a learning expedition of self-discovery.

Learning Objectives (Customised as per Organisational Needs)

• Understand the method of getting into a resourceful state
• To instil and improve the spirit of teamwork amongst team members
• Looking into increasing team performance and communication
• To cultivate positive work culture that nurtures motivation and effectiveness

Looking for something more experiential?


Team Alignment with Silega Cold War™ Simulation

Even the best plans fail if they are without alignment, engagement and commitment. The simulation thrusts participants into a cold war environment where countries in an alliance struggle to survive against a backdrop of war.

In doing so, the Silega Cold War™ simulation puts participants through challenges such as lack of trust, poor communication and other conflicts with stakeholders in order to achieve the learning outcomes. Discover practical ways to improve team performance and understand how internal strengths define the external success of your organisation.


Learning Objectives (Customised as per Organisational Needs)

• Improve team and interdepartmental alignment to direct energies to a common goal
• Resolve conflicts and address their underlying causes
• Improve productivity of teams and minimise waste of resources
• Improve team and organisational communication

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