Jesslyn Lai

Creative Graphic Lead

The creative who thinks visually and expresses it out into her art. She serves the team as a Graphic Design Executive, equipping them with graphic designs for their visual communication needs as well as branding presence.

She loves getting hands-on and screens off whenever she finds the opportunity. She makes, draws, and does hand-lettering. Voted as Malaysia’s Top 10 Modern Calligrapher in 2015, she has conducted workshops and uses her skill to connect with others through personalised hand-written encouragements and simple reminders. As a Leaderonomer would do, making a difference, one letter at a time. And oh, she loves nature and music too.

Area of expertise: Graphic design, photography, calligraphy, and art.

Muzaffar Salleh

Tv Producer (Media.TV)

Muzzafar Salleh, graduated from Malaysian Film Academy (FINAS) on the year of  2004. He started his career as a visual editor in RTM then move into new venture at 1Malaysiatv as Head of production. He has been in the TV Industry for over 13 years.

He had done several TV shows, documentary and music video for  MYTV,MaraTV,  RTM2 and Astro , and now he’s making video content for Leaderonomics in producing inspiring videos and quality content that is guaranteed to touch and inspire the viewers.

Enjoys challenging himself to achieve the best result in his cinematography and creative storytelling in touching the viewer’s heart.

Yeoh Lin Lin

Editor Bahasa Malaysia

Lin Lin is the Bahasa Malaysia editor. She started her career in journalism; thereafter moving on to the PR/Communications discipline where she thrived for over two decades. Like the prodigal son (daughter, in this case), she is now “somewhat” back to her first passion. Closing the loop, she says. Lin Lin majored in Bahasa Malaysia for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Malaya.

Of Chinese ethnicity, trained in Bahasa Malaysia, and with a stomach for Indian cuisine, she likes to think that she is an embodiment of the muhibbah spirit of Malaysia.

Sarah Lim

Head of Branding and Marketing

Sarah Lim is the Brand and Marketing Leader at Leaderonomics, contributing her five years of collective experience in public relations, marketing communications, copywriting, event management, and some creative directing to the organisation. She co-manages Leaderonomics social media channels, print advertisements, and The Leaderonomics Show with the Media team.

As part of the B.E. Team (Beyond Expectations) at Leaderonomics, Sarah is also involved in leading and lending advise to client projects that are able to strategically position the clients’ brand such that it meets the needs of their intended market segment.

Her journey in supporting community development initiatives, leadership growth, and holistic education in Malaysia started with her first job at the Early Autism Project Malaysia as a media coordinator for a year. She then moved to FrogAsia – A YTL Company with the aim of transforming education in Malaysia through a shared e-learning platform. After two and half years in a marketing communications role at FrogAsia, Sarah chose to further hone her communication skills by spending two years as a PR consultant at IN.Deed Communications – a boutique PR agency specialising in health and baby care FMCG brands, lifestyle & infotainment channels, and popular F&B chains.

Sarah is a firm believer of living with eternity in mind and doing things purposefully and passionately. Beyond her colourful job scope, she absolutely loves traveling and the outdoors, and also getting involved with activities that challenge her creativity such as wedding photography, dabbling in performing arts (as production crew), floral arrangement, and occasionally supporting community projects for the underprivileged.

Lydia Gomez

Managing Director and Business Lead