Lydia Gomez

Managing Director and Business Lead

Muzaffar Salleh

Tv Producer (Media.TV)

Muzzafar Salleh, graduated from Malaysian Film Academy (FINAS) on the year of  2004. He started his career as a visual editor in RTM then move into new venture at 1Malaysiatv as Head of production. He has been in the TV Industry for over 13 years.

He had done several TV shows, documentary and music video for  MYTV,MaraTV,  RTM2 and Astro , and now he’s making video content for Leaderonomics in producing inspiring videos and quality content that is guaranteed to touch and inspire the viewers.

Enjoys challenging himself to achieve the best result in his cinematography and creative storytelling in touching the viewer’s heart.

Prethiba Esvary

Assistant Editor and Writer

Prethiba always thought she was meant to be in the field of science. But then she had a turning point and decided to switch paths and pursue her passion, which is writing.

Equipped with a degree in PR and Journalism, she is now a writer and assistant editor with the Leaderonomics Editorial team. She writes, curates content, connects with thought leaders and helps organisations tell inspiring stories of what makes each of them great.

With a passion for devising creative new ideas and turning complex concepts into captivating stories, she believes in impacting the world through the written word. This curious learner is open to trying her hand at new things and is always looking to develop herself further. She believes that time waits for no man (or in this case, woman) and without becoming better, she can’t fulfil her personal and career goals.

Kharlil Othman

Media Executive

Kharlil Othman, graduated from Cosmopoint Kuala Lumpur in the year of 2007. (Dip. In Multimedia Application). He started his career as a part time event stage crew at an event company, he then moved to take on a full time role as the Floor Manager at Astro Awani, handling the technical side of the broadcasting studio.

His highest achievement was when he worked for Al Jazeera Kuala Lumpur, the most hi-tech broadcasting studio in Malaysia at that time. He can handle almost everything including camera, video editing, photo editing and even motion graphics.

He has more than 10 years of experience in the Television industry. Now he is editing videos and also motion graphics for Leaderonomics, enhancing the look and feel of every video that the company produce to inspire viewers.

He is a fast learner and always get the job done in time and making sure that all the videos published looks good, informative and entertaining.

Jesslyn Lai

Creative Graphic Lead

The creative who thinks visually and expresses it out into her art. She serves the team as a Graphic Design Executive, equipping them with graphic designs for their visual communication needs as well as branding presence.

She loves getting hands-on and screens off whenever she finds the opportunity. She makes, draws, and does hand-lettering. Voted as Malaysia’s Top 10 Modern Calligrapher in 2015, she has conducted workshops and uses her skill to connect with others through personalised hand-written encouragements and simple reminders. As a Leaderonomer would do, making a difference, one letter at a time. And oh, she loves nature and music too.

Area of expertise: Graphic design, photography, calligraphy, and art.

Tamara Jayne

Assistant Editor and Writer

Tamara is a creative writer and assistant editor with the Leaderonomics Media team. She is a curious creature who thrives on thought-provoking conversations over cups of tea. When she is not writing, she is either styling bridal hair, traveling, or hiking up a mountain in search of a new waterfall to explore.

Tamara can be contacted through her email

Yeoh Lin Lin

Editor Bahasa Malaysia

Lin Lin is the Bahasa Malaysia editor. She started her career in journalism; thereafter moving on to the PR/Communications discipline where she thrived for over two decades. Like the prodigal son (daughter, in this case), she is now “somewhat” back to her first passion. Closing the loop, she says. Lin Lin majored in Bahasa Malaysia for both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at the University of Malaya.

Of Chinese ethnicity, trained in Bahasa Malaysia, and with a stomach for Indian cuisine, she likes to think that she is an embodiment of the muhibbah spirit of Malaysia.

Lisanne Yeoh

Head, Creative

Lisanne heads up the design sphere of Leaderonomics. She has more than 10 years’ working experience, both corporate and freelance basis. Prior to joining Leaderonomics, she was the Team Lead at IKEA’s Graphic Communications Division. She specializes in print designs covering logos and corporate identity, brochures, publications, packaging designs to banners, buntings, wall posters, etc. Her passion drives her to deliver top quality work without compromise. Her other interests are in personal development, travel, and food. She is also involved in voluntary work with the community.

Lim Lay Hsuan

Digital Content

Hsuan graduated in computer science from University Malaysia Sabah but has not practised writing a computer language since completing her bachelor’s degree. Instead, she landed herself in the publishing industry. She aspires to write inspiring pieces, inclusive of write-ups, poems and songs. Maybe one day she can write a computer programme from scratch too.

She also helps “save” fellow Leaderonomers from scares caused by cockroaches and house lizards. She likes to pen down her random thoughts, make cards and bake in her available time. She finds herself “talking” to her laptop when working (as she reads, writes and sub-edits articles).