Nadia Radhuan

Head of Engagement

As a firm believer that leaders are nurtured and not by nature, Nadia is playing the role of Chief of Happiness in the Leaderonomics office. She strives to curate employee experience where Leaderonomers play and perform, and aligning their values to the organisation’s goal.  Having graduated with Genetics and Molecular Biology from University of Malaya, she takes up the challenge to build leaders internally, to impact the community that Leaderonomers touch. She has previously worked with multiple corporate clients, universities and foundations specifically designing talent programmes for their high potentials.

Eva Christodoulou

R&D Leader

EVA CHRISTODOULOU is a Masters of Arts and Masters of Research graduate in the Political Science field. After working in a public policy think tank and with much experience in academic research, she joined Leaderonomics where she was acting as assistant editor for the myStarjob career, personal and leadership development guide appearing in The Star newspaper every week.

Her exploration of a wide variety of topics in the areas of career, personal and leadership development, have led her to take on a role as a Learning and Development Specialist, in which she designs customised long term programme frameworks aimed to help individuals take their development to the next level. In this new role, she identifies key areas of groups of people that need to be addressed, and puts together creative solutions including formal classroom training, simulations, reading assignments, live projects, mentoring sessions, coaching, and many other ways of expanding the individuals’ growth.

Ang Hui Ming

Growth & Strategic Initiatives Lead, Enterprise

Ang Hui Ming began her career as an auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia after which she joined FMP i.e. GE’s elite leadership development. During her FMP tenure, she took on various Finance roles working in diverse locations and GE businesses including GE Engine Services Malaysia, GE Engine Services Strother (Kansas, USA), GE Capital Thailand in Bangkok and a cross functional role in Corporate Learning Services Asia, supporting leadership development programs and processes across Asia Pacific.

Upon graduation from the FMP program in early 2002, Hui Ming took on the challenge of starting up the Shared Services Operations in Malaysia in her new role as Shared Service Business Leader for GE’s Global Business Services Operations. Under her management, the business grew significantly, and the number of employees tripled and earning a number of awards in the process. In 2004, she took on a cross functional role as the Corporate Finance HR Leader for South East Asia. In this role, she designed and implemented training and development programs from entry level to senior levels of the organizations. One of the programs she developed, NFEO, became a global best practice which was adopted across Asia and Europe.

In early 2006, Hui Ming assumed the role of Asia HR Leader for Oil & Gas and had responsibility for all Oil & Gas entities across Asia Pacific, and was in charge of regional HR management and supporting people development for GE’s Oil & Gas employees in Asia Pacific.

She graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance. She is certified in a number of training programs including Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, Change Acceleration programs, including GE CAP, Facilitation Skills, WorkOut, Program Design and a number of other leadership development programs.
Hui Ming enjoys creative arts, music, reading and spending time with family & friends.

Auntie Shanti


Auntie Shanti’s full name is Vijayarani but everyone addresses her as Auntie Shanti or Auntie Kacang. This is because she is a tit bits supplier for past 20 years especially at Phileo Damansara 1 & 2. She supplies various types of chips, nuts and muruku to all of the offices here.
Originally Auntie Shanti is from Port Klang where she completed her STPM at STAR school Klang. Married with three kids, two boys age 27 and 25 respectively, and a daughter who is currently 19 doing her STPM at high school Kajang where she is living right now.
Auntie Shanti works as a receptionist at Leaderonomics Sdn Bhd since March 2013. Besides being a receptionist, she also helps the finance department to do all the staff’s claims, arranges interviews for new candidates, and buys groceries for the company. She also helps out to take care of the company’s maintenance matters and is part of the health and safety committee.
Besides all these, Auntie Shanti spends most of her time in helping out people in need. She spends her time in teaching and counselling those who are involved in various problems, especially the youngsters. It has become her passion and she enjoys doing it.
Auntie Shanti believes that she has to do some kind of good deeds as long as she lives in order to express her gratefulness for the life given by the Almighty God. So let us be a blessing to one another.

Azlan Amin


Azlan was a former Vice President and Treasurer with United Voice Self Advocacy Society of people learning disability. He has various working experience in General Insurance for 10 years with Pacific Orient Insurance Berhad and he had been involved in Event Management and Entertainment Industry since then.

Hanisah Nor Rashid

Senior Executive Finance

Hanisah is a Finance and Training Executive at Leaderonomics. Her main role is to support the Finance Manager in handling Leaderonomics’ accounting related activities. She graduated with a degree in Actuarial Science from UiTM and joined Graduate Employability Management Programme Scheme (GEMS) after she graduated. GEMS is a government capacity building initiative to equip graduates with commercially useful skills and experiences that will enhance their employment opportunities.

Apart from her finance role, she also actively involved in training programmes in assisting Programme Managers through the training and facilitation support. She is a main facilitator for Business Simulation and Finance Simulation trainings, where she leverages her business accounting expertise.

Hanisah also provides facilitation support for Leaderonomics’ youth camps that are run as part of its social enterprise model. She spends her leisure time doing art and craft work especially handmade card using quilling technique. She has experience in teaching craft workshop for kids. She believes that through arts & crafts kids are able to develop their thinking, relating and coordinating skills.

Rahilah Najumudeen

Finance and HR Executive

Rahilah is part of the Finance and HR team in Leaderonomics. Her previous work experience includes various roles in industries such as the oil & gas sector and retail industry. She completed her studies in BA (Hons) Business Management from Anglia Ruskin University, UK and was actively involved in Entrepreneurial projects during her free time.

Since her childhood, Rahilah has been exposed to business as her family was in the retail industry. She has been actively involved in the daily running of the business since the age of 10 till she furthered her studies in tertiary education.

During her spare time, Rahilah enjoys doing various sports activities such as badminton & jungle trekking and looks forward to try out new sports whenever she has the opportunity to do so. She believes that aside it being fun and adventurous, sports provides a lot of opportunities and challenges for people to push themselves to the limits which will also help strengthen the mind.

Roshan Thiran


Roshan Thiran is the Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, a social enterprise dedicated to providing access to leadership development to everyone of all ages in developing nations across Asia Pacific. Leaderonomics has grown into one of the largest social enterprises and has built numerous impactful ‘social’ initiatives including, DIODE, Dropzone, Leaderonomics’ Club, LeaderonomicsTV and other social work.

Roshan began his career with Exxon-Mobil in an operational role. He later moved to General Electric (GE) and began his GE career at GE Investments in Stamford, CT, USA leading the start-up efforts of a mutual fund as an Investment Analyst. He was later drafted into GE Capital’s Financial Management Program (FMP) and had a number of Finance assignments with various GE Capital businesses, GE International in Shelton CT and also leading an integration effort at GE Global Compression Services in Dallas, TX.

Roshan then joined National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) at its Rockefeller Center, New York City hub as News & Sports Analyst responsible for 6 news programs, The Today Show, Dateline, and Sunrise and lead the MSNBC cable network start-up efforts. He was part of numerous media initiatives at NBC Universal helping drive growth.

Roshan then moved to London, UK, to take on a cross-functional pan-Europe role for GE Capital Europe focusing on acquisition and integration of operations and processes across Europe and the US. Roshan returned to the US in 1998 to join GE Corporate Initiatives Group (CIG), GE’s think-tank, and later took on the role as project manager of global Y2K efforts.

In April 1999, Roshan moved to Malaysia as CFO & Executive Director of GE Engines Services Malaysia (GEESM). Roshan helped grow GEESM 5 times in 2 years and helped in its successful turnaround, including enabling it to be “best-in the world” in a number of areas. In 2001 Roshan took on a leadership development role with GE Crotonville as a Learning Leader, spearheading the training and leadership development efforts in Asia Pacific and Australia.

In 2003, Roshan took over as Director of HR Asia Pacific, overseeing Finance organizations across Asia. In 2007. Roshan moved out of GE and took a role as the Director of Global Talent Management for Johnson & Johnson. He supported J & J’s global emerging leader programme design and implementation and the Global Succession Planning and Performance Management projects. He was also instrumental in driving talent management processes across Asia.

He has won numerous awards in business, HR and leadership development, including a Global HR award and the Malaysia HR Leader Award. Roshan currently hosts his own TV show and also writes a few newspaper columns and has his own weekly radio segment. He is a key thought leader in the field of leadership and business and frequently speaks at global conferences.

Yusmar Yahaya

Technology Lead

Yusmar has been actively involved in innovative technologies since 1990 covering the developments for wearable computing, network security, augmented reality and mobile platforms. He specializes in server architecture and development, mobile apps, computer network security and cloud computing implementations.

At Leaderonomics, he oversees the IT transformation initiative to build the and internal computer systems into an integrated environment as well as developing new tools for mobile platform distributions.

Apart from being the resident technologist at Leaderonomics, he is an avid scubadiver and paragliding instructor during weekends or holiday breaks.

Jesslyn Lai

Creative Graphic Lead

The creative who thinks visually and expresses it out into her art. She serves the team as a Graphic Design Executive, equipping them with graphic designs for their visual communication needs as well as branding presence.

She loves getting hands-on and screens off whenever she finds the opportunity. She makes, draws, and does hand-lettering. Voted as Malaysia’s Top 10 Modern Calligrapher in 2015, she has conducted workshops and uses her skill to connect with others through personalised hand-written encouragements and simple reminders. As a Leaderonomer would do, making a difference, one letter at a time. And oh, she loves nature and music too.

Area of expertise: Graphic design, photography, calligraphy, and art.

Laura Yee

Finance and HR Leader

Laura is a firm believer that HR vs Business – it’s not a fight. As the Finance & HR Leader at Leaderonomics, this role enables her to mash together the 3 things she finds endlessly interesting – people, organizational behavior and hard-core finance.

She previously held finance roles at BASF, General Electric and PwC across the region when she discovered that she truly enjoyed making the business world a little more human. She then pursued a graduate course in Social Psychology and Counselling which helped solidify her passion in talent management. Deep inside her, she’s still a financial analyst and so together with her love for numbers and for people, she endeavors to offer HR solutions based on genuine business insights.

What makes her truly happy is being able to help people discover and fulfill their potential, to grow and learn alongside them as well as to be able to contribute to the well-being of humanity on a personal level. Oh, she’s also a new mom to a cute lil’ boy who brings her more joy than he will ever know.

She loves making new professional acquaintances. Reach out to her at if you want to explore opportunities with us, chat about organizational development or hear about her highs (and lows) of motherhood!


Sarah Lim

Head of Branding and Marketing

Chen Wei Mae

Special Project Partner, BE Team

Farhan Shuhaimi

Finance Executive