Dinesh Raj

Head of Learning and Growth

DINESH DORAI RAJ is a graduate with a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons) in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Engineering, both from the University of Nottingham in Malaysia. He has simulated a new design of energy saving method being heat recovery from air conditioning system to empower water heaters hence significantly reducing energy charges as well as carbon emission and given a distinction upon the completion of his Master of Science research. Prior to obtaining a full time job, he has engaged himself in many part time jobs on the floor for the experience gain that include the fields of Human Resources, Finance, and Food & Beverage in an international hotel line as well as obtained engineering training in a multi-national manufacturing company. Apart, he has been in the team of event organizing during university period and affiliated himself with several other club events.

Being said that, he also endured a great life challenge after getting involved in a tragic road accident that left him paraplegic. Against all medical odds, with continuous effort, faith, perseverance and optimism he has managed to get him on walking aids currently, and is striving towards his full health recovery. Upon achieving it, he will be among the first Malaysian to make it to get on his feet again post spinal injury. This describes his positive outlook towards life and his belief in never giving up even in the face of adversities. He also has confidence in his strong personality and leadership qualities with the ability to withstand any pressure to ensure a targeted goal is achieved under any circumstances.

Eva Christodoulou

R&D Leader

EVA CHRISTODOULOU is a Masters of Arts and Masters of Research graduate in the Political Science field. After working in a public policy think tank and with much experience in academic research, she joined Leaderonomics where she was acting as assistant editor for the myStarjob career, personal and leadership development guide appearing in The Star newspaper every week.

Her exploration of a wide variety of topics in the areas of career, personal and leadership development, have led her to take on a role as a Learning and Development Specialist, in which she designs customised long term programme frameworks aimed to help individuals take their development to the next level. In this new role, she identifies key areas of groups of people that need to be addressed, and puts together creative solutions including formal classroom training, simulations, reading assignments, live projects, mentoring sessions, coaching, and many other ways of expanding the individuals’ growth.

Hui Yi-Wen

Head of Learning and Growth

Yi-Wen is part of the Corporate Services team in Leaderonomics, heading the Learning & Growth unit that manages Leaderonomics’ corporate simulations and experiential learning solutions. She is excited about developing people through impactful learning experiences.

In her tenure at Leaderonomics, Yi-Wen has managed a variety of roles covering business development, organisational diagnostics, solutions design, and simulations delivery. She has overseen employee learning solutions for a varied portfolio of organisations such as Citi Malaysia, Valiram Group, Iskandar Investment Bhd, Alliance Bank, Nestlé Malaysia, EcoWorld, The Star Group, Paramount Group, AmBank, UNDP Global Shared Services Centre, Sime Darby Global Service Centre, and ACCA. Yi-Wen has facilitated corporate simulations for clients in Malaysia and Singapore.

Prior to Leaderonomics, she was a client servicer in marketing, brand communications and public relations, managing clients from the FMCG, IT, F&B, healthcare, non-profit and bereavement care industries. Yi-Wen has over five years’ experience emceeing client events including award ceremonies, HR conferences, press conferences, brand & product launches, year-end reviews and learning forums. She graduated from the Manchester Business School with a BSc. (Hons) in Management (Marketing). Yi-Wen is currently studying towards a Masters in Managerial Psychology.

Linia Anirudhan

Faculty Integrator

Ms. LINIA ANIRUDHAN is currently the Team Lead – Partnerships and Faculty Development at Leaderonomics. Linia had developed a sound understanding of the industry’s current state of play research & development, events and information services. She has been in the Corporate Arena for the past 12 years. Specifically in the areas of Corporate Practices, Business Development arena and Client Experience Management. Linia obtained an Honours Degree in International Business (Finance & Marketing) from the University of Northumbria, Newcastle. She has worked with Global Professional Organisation with International Clientele.

At The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Linia was actively liaising with corporations, top Universities and Colleges. At Marcus Evans, one of the UK based Global Powerhouse, Linia was instrumental in building and re-engineering of best-selling events at Marcus Evans throughout the span of 7 years in the field of business intelligence. Linia has liaised and worked with international clients from MNC’s and local companies across all continents including the USA, Canada, Europe, The Middle East, South Africa, East Africa, Middle East, India, China and the rest of South East Asia. She eventually was also seconded to Marcus Evans South Africa for a year to take up a corporate assignment.

On a personal note during her early years, Linia enjoys the simple pleasures of life and is very fond of animals having grown up with 2 horses, 3 dogs, a couple of hamsters and tortoise along the way. Being a big dreamer as a kid, Linia managed to represent her school, State and Nation in various sports including but not limited to athletics, badminton, Karate and netball. Although she didn’t meet her father’s expectations of her being an Olympic star, Linia carried through many traits of her father such as being a risk taker, being compassionate to human needs and leading a very active lifestyle. Linia did a brief stint in the modelling arena during her college days for television and the print media. It was shortly after that she discovered her true passion and dream is to extend her horizon by touching individual lives through the corporate world and engaging the community that goes beyond geographical boundaries.

One of Linia’s Quote
“Dream beyond human abilities, persevere relentlessly, walk resiliently and the destiny is yours!”

Rishen Philip

Head, Learning and Growth

Rishen Philip is part of the Learning & Development team with Leaderonomics, working primarily as an account servicer for learning programmes for Corporate clients. Currently, he manages various clients from different industries such as plantation, industrial, motors, properties, banking and finance, to name a few. These organisations vary from MNC, GLC and SME accounts. One of the highlights of this role is designing and managing a 5-day core development programme for one of the biggest GLC’s in the country.

Prior to his role in the Learning and Development team, Rishen joined Leaderonomics as part of the Talent Acceleration team. Here his role were focused on designing, managing and executing long-term programmes for high potentials in client organisations. Highlights here include running a talent programme with the high potential executives in The Star Media Group.

His past roles before Leaderonomics were in various industries including banking, global tech MNC and event management where he developed key skills like client service management, event planning and execution and various other useful skills that has helped him in his current role. Rishen graduated from Nottingham Trent University with BA (Hons) in Business Management.

Khoo Hsien Piao

Learning and Growth Partner

Hsien Piao started his work experience in the corporate world, with stints as an auditor, client service executive and sales model analyst before he took the leap into the media world as a Content Producer.

His past work experience in the corporate sector allows him to understand the needs of clients and how best to express their vision via video. When not dreaming up new concepts for short films he likes reading, long jogs and playing with his kids.

Lim Lay Hsuan

Digital Content

Hsuan graduated in computer science from University Malaysia Sabah but has not practised writing a computer language since completing her bachelor’s degree. Instead, she landed herself in the publishing industry. She aspires to write inspiring pieces, inclusive of write-ups, poems and songs. Maybe one day she can write a computer programme from scratch too.

She also helps “save” fellow Leaderonomers from scares caused by cockroaches and house lizards. She likes to pen down her random thoughts, make cards and bake in her available time. She finds herself “talking” to her laptop when working (as she reads, writes and sub-edits articles).

Ang Hui Ming

Growth & Strategic Initiatives Lead, Enterprise

Ang Hui Ming began her career as an auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia after which she joined FMP i.e. GE’s elite leadership development. During her FMP tenure, she took on various Finance roles working in diverse locations and GE businesses including GE Engine Services Malaysia, GE Engine Services Strother (Kansas, USA), GE Capital Thailand in Bangkok and a cross functional role in Corporate Learning Services Asia, supporting leadership development programs and processes across Asia Pacific.

Upon graduation from the FMP program in early 2002, Hui Ming took on the challenge of starting up the Shared Services Operations in Malaysia in her new role as Shared Service Business Leader for GE’s Global Business Services Operations. Under her management, the business grew significantly, and the number of employees tripled and earning a number of awards in the process. In 2004, she took on a cross functional role as the Corporate Finance HR Leader for South East Asia. In this role, she designed and implemented training and development programs from entry level to senior levels of the organizations. One of the programs she developed, NFEO, became a global best practice which was adopted across Asia and Europe.

In early 2006, Hui Ming assumed the role of Asia HR Leader for Oil & Gas and had responsibility for all Oil & Gas entities across Asia Pacific, and was in charge of regional HR management and supporting people development for GE’s Oil & Gas employees in Asia Pacific.

She graduated from Curtin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accounting and Finance. She is certified in a number of training programs including Myer-Briggs Type Indicator, Change Acceleration programs, including GE CAP, Facilitation Skills, WorkOut, Program Design and a number of other leadership development programs.
Hui Ming enjoys creative arts, music, reading and spending time with family & friends.

Roshan Thiran


Roshan Thiran is the Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, a social enterprise dedicated to providing access to leadership development to everyone of all ages in developing nations across Asia Pacific. Leaderonomics has grown into one of the largest social enterprises and has built numerous impactful ‘social’ initiatives including DoGoodVolunteer.com, DIODE, Dropzone, Leaderonomics’ Club, LeaderonomicsTV and other social work.

Roshan began his career with Exxon-Mobil in an operational role. He later moved to General Electric (GE) and began his GE career at GE Investments in Stamford, CT, USA leading the start-up efforts of a mutual fund as an Investment Analyst. He was later drafted into GE Capital’s Financial Management Program (FMP) and had a number of Finance assignments with various GE Capital businesses, GE International in Shelton CT and also leading an integration effort at GE Global Compression Services in Dallas, TX.

Roshan then joined National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) at its Rockefeller Center, New York City hub as News & Sports Analyst responsible for 6 news programs, The Today Show, Dateline, and Sunrise and lead the MSNBC cable network start-up efforts. He was part of numerous media initiatives at NBC Universal helping drive growth.

Roshan then moved to London, UK, to take on a cross-functional pan-Europe role for GE Capital Europe focusing on acquisition and integration of operations and processes across Europe and the US. Roshan returned to the US in 1998 to join GE Corporate Initiatives Group (CIG), GE’s think-tank, and later took on the role as project manager of global Y2K efforts.

In April 1999, Roshan moved to Malaysia as CFO & Executive Director of GE Engines Services Malaysia (GEESM). Roshan helped grow GEESM 5 times in 2 years and helped in its successful turnaround, including enabling it to be “best-in the world” in a number of areas. In 2001 Roshan took on a leadership development role with GE Crotonville as a Learning Leader, spearheading the training and leadership development efforts in Asia Pacific and Australia.

In 2003, Roshan took over as Director of HR Asia Pacific, overseeing Finance organizations across Asia. In 2007. Roshan moved out of GE and took a role as the Director of Global Talent Management for Johnson & Johnson. He supported J & J’s global emerging leader programme design and implementation and the Global Succession Planning and Performance Management projects. He was also instrumental in driving talent management processes across Asia.

He has won numerous awards in business, HR and leadership development, including a Global HR award and the Malaysia HR Leader Award. Roshan currently hosts his own TV show and also writes a few newspaper columns and has his own weekly radio segment. He is a key thought leader in the field of leadership and business and frequently speaks at global conferences.


Audrey Tong

Youth Lead

Audrey is the Head of Leaderonomics Youth and has been involved in youth and community work over the last 10 years. She is an active volunteer and has served on social outreach teams in Canada, Albania, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia.

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Counselling and is certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Audrey is also a Certified Training Professional and has experience in designing and delivering programmes and camps for youth and young adults.

Key strengths: Experiential learning, group dynamics, counselling, youth curriculum design and delivery.

Michael Ogheneme

Sheena Soon

Learning and Growth Partner

Sheena is part of the Learning & Growth team working with corporate clients from banking, insurance and oil & gas industries. She is the account servicer whereby she diagnose and understand the needs of the clients, design customizable interventions for them and deliver the development programs such as Talent Acceleration Programs.

Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (major in Psychology) from Monash Universtiy, Australia, Sheena she worked briefly with Accenture as a Project Analyst and moved on to Nielsen, a market research company. Over the 3 years in Nielsen, she worked with a variety of MNCs and FMCG clients as a client service executive in both Customer Research department and Retail Services department.

She is also a mother to an active 1 year old boy. On Sundays, she also teaches young kids at her church.

Jayson Chik

Learning and Growth Partner

Jayson is currently a Learning and Growth Partner in Leaderonomics. Having joined Leaderonomics in December 2014, Jayson has multiple years of experience in organisational diagnostics and solutions design for numerous multinational corporations and government-linked companies. He is also involved in a number of assessment assignments for Leaderonomics, namely assessing the leadership competencies for TalentCorp’s JPA scholars for the purpose of job placement matching and assessing the leadership competencies of candidates of Astro’s Scholarship Awards. Jayson has an undergraduate degree in Psychology.

Kathleen Tan

Talent Assessment Executive

Kathleen Tan is the Talent Assessments Executive at Leaderonomics. As part of her role, she supports and leads the assessment services and processes offered to clients ranging from corporate organizations, universities, and other foundations. She is also actively involved in the business development and client servicing portions of projects. Upon graduating from Sunway University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Kathleen has since fulfilled a combined interest in Social Psychology and human behaviour by her involvement in the end-to-end process of talent assessments. She is adept in the areas of report writing, competency mapping, as well as the facilitation of Assessment Centers and Development Centers.

Throughout her career, Kathleen has built a repertoire of skills that enable her to drive self-awareness and growth in organizations, which feed into the overall Leaderonomics mission to build leaders by designing and implementing learning and talent solutions for people.

She has been actively involved in the process of coordinating and running Assessment centres, and has also helmed several projects that have required her to come up with new Assessment activities that cater to the specific needs of each organization. Kathleen also has the experience of running Assessment projects with large GLCs, as well as with MNCs and other organizations.

Aaron Tang

Campus Lead

Aaron Tang is Campus Head at Leaderonomics.

Prior to this, he was Campus and Digital Marketing Advisor at Leaderonomics – focusing on graduate employability programs for Campus students and expanding Leaderonomics.com’s audience.

He has held a variety of operations and management roles in the Oil & Gas sector over the past decade. Aaron is also an established blogger with an international following. You can find his writings at publications like The Huffington Post, Business Insider, SAYS and iMoney.

Aaron began his career at PETRONAS, working in operations and logistics. Following that, he spent seven years at Weatherford Asia Pacific in the following roles: graduate trainee, support engineer, operations coordinator, and regional product line manager.  In his last position, he headed a team of 21 people, generating yearly revenues of more than 10 million USD.

Aaron strongly believes in personal development and is passionate about helping young people grow. Outside of work, he loves reading, writing, sports and music. When he’s not at basketball/futsal/gym – you can normally find him at home with his guitars and blog: www.mr-stingy.com

Aaron was a PETRONAS scholar. He graduated with First Class honors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP).

Sara Kang

Diagnostic Lead, Talent Assessment

Sara Kang is the current Diagnostic Lead for Talent Assessments in Leaderonomics. In her role, she is responsible for managing the operations and execution of all Talent Assessment solutions offered to clients. She is actively involved in the business development and client servicing portions of projects, as well as a key designer of processes and methodologies for clients. She is adept as understanding and completing competency mapping, writing and delivering talent assessment reports and delivering Competency Based Interviews. She has also been involved in various projects as an assessor, developed reports for assessments and for selection purposes.

Having graduated from Melbourne University, Sara started her career in PwC Consulting in the People and Change team. Her focus was on talent studies covering various government sectors in Malaysia. She has also change management work under her belt. She joined Leaderonomics as a Growth Partner, focusing on Training and Development as well as project managing various long term leadership programmes. She joined the Assessment Team due to her avid interest in human behaviour in the workplace and her vast experience in Project Managing.