Youth Content Lead

Belvinder is Youth Content Lead at Leaderonomics. She has been involved in non-profit organisations and has experience in organising and driving camps and experience dealing with youths. Belvinder graduated from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia with a MBA and holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences (Hons) in Biotechnology degree from Universiti Sains Malaysia. You can contact her at

Youth Lead

Audrey is the Head of Leaderonomics Youth and has been involved in youth and community work over the last 10 years. She is an active volunteer and has served on social outreach teams in Canada, Albania, Ukraine, Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia.

She is currently pursuing a Masters in Counselling and is certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. Audrey is also a Certified Training Professional and has experience in designing and delivering programmes and camps for youth and young adults.

Key strengths: Experiential learning, group dynamics, counselling, youth curriculum design and delivery.

Senior Youth Programmes Lead

Qhairyl is the Senior Youth Programmes Lead for Schools. Currently he is overseeing all the Leaderonomics Clubs in Malaysia that is operating under the endorsement of Ministry of Education.  He has started facilitating and assisting training from his early years of college life. He begin his apprentice journey when he was working closely with a consultant company in the area of oil and gas industry. Being an apprentice to a well known psychologist sparked his interested to explore more in Training & Development industry. He then entered the corporate world by being a Junior Trainer for a contact centre company where he specializes in call centre customer service mainly for telecommunication industry. He has collaborated with various international clients for training reports, training needs analysis, training needs initiatives and to maintain an excellent service level for all the campaigns that he was assigned to. He enjoys his current role as he gets to work closely with the youth in molding them into a great leader in the future.

He enjoys reading anything from Personal Development and Self-Help to keep growing into fluent educator in the industry. He also devours football and marathons to keep him competitive in his football league.

Rupa Sivanoli is a faculty of Leaderonomics focusing on change leadership and change management. She also conducts various project managements programmes for Leaderonomics including the facilitation of action learning programmes for Leaderonomics Talent Acceleration Programmes (TAP). She has over 15 years of consulting experience. She is currently undertaking a role as Change Management Lead for major multinational for a large-scale ERP implementation. She is involved in Change Impact Assessments, Stakeholder Communications & Engagement and Change Agent Network. The objective of the role is to ensure that from a people perspective, there is sufficient buy in to realize the benefits of the ERP implementation.

Prior to this, she spent 5 years with BASF Asia Pacific shared service centre, a regional centre with over 500 employees servicing 17 countries in Asia Pacific. She spent time in various roles including employee engagement and communications, where she was accountable for development and delivery of employee engagement initiatives within BASC. She was also responsible for the establishment of an employee communications framework, which facilitates collaboration within the organization in building a workforce that is engaged and productive.

With BASF, Rupa was also responsible for over 60 Tier 1 team members in the delivery of first contact support services across the region, where she undertook resource and operations planning as well as service introduction and continuous improvement initiatives.

Rupa graduated from the University of Hull with a MBA, specializing in Human Resource Development and holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of London.

Youth Content Lead

Ee Ling is passionate about youths and has invested over 10 years of experience working amongst youths in Malaysia. She was previously in a youth organisation, running youth camps, workshops and other youth related programmes. There, she interacted with a wide range of students including international students and those from East Malaysia.

Seeing the need to share positive influence with young people, she became a student counselor and teacher in an international school. Working in a school allowed her more time to make a difference in the lives of her students.

Ee Ling has joined Leaderonomics Youth and hopes to impact even more young lives.

Senior Youth Programme Lead - Camp

Presently the Managing Director of Join Us to Serve and Teach Children (JUST Children) Sdn Bhd, a company dedicated to help the less fortunate youths. He started a free tuition centre specifically for the youth in Desa Mentari with the help of volunteers.

Has experience in developing and executing teambuilding and managerial sessions for various companies. He has also worked at setting up the Local Area Network of the main Sabah Electrical Sdn Bhd building and the Wide Area Network connecting all SESB structure around Sabah.

Areas of expertise: Talent management, teambuilding, management systems, networking systems and youth development.

Youth Partnership Lead

Gurpreet Singh is a part of the youth team stationed under the community arm at Leaderonomics, working predominantly as the partnerships lead, tasked to build and grow relationships with current and potential partners and identify synergies through which mutually beneficial outcomes can be realized. Additionally, Gurpreet also is a teacher/facilitator of Leaderonomics Club, an leadership development club formed within secondary schools as part of their extracurricular initiatives, to build strong leadership character among secondary school students, solidified around a core value system, that serves as the guiding post and moral compass for sound decision making.

Prior to this role in Leaderonomics, Gurpreet was a recruitment consultant for the Human Resource function across various industries with one of the international recruiting agencies. He graduated from the University of Washington and Curtin University with a BA in Business Administration (Marketing & Management) and an MBA in International Business respectively

Senior Analyst

Joshua Yee is caffeine dependent individual in Leaderonomics Campus. His passion is to see people realize and flourish in the potential. From his experience in working with people for so many years, he is able to engage people on a personal level where they can be comfortable. He also wishes that iPhones were cheaper.

Senior Analyst
Campus Lead

Aaron Tang is Campus Head at Leaderonomics.

Prior to this, he was Campus and Digital Marketing Advisor at Leaderonomics – focusing on graduate employability programs for Campus students and expanding’s audience.

He has held a variety of operations and management roles in the Oil & Gas sector over the past decade. Aaron is also an established blogger with an international following. You can find his writings at publications like The Huffington Post, Business Insider, SAYS and iMoney.

Aaron began his career at PETRONAS, working in operations and logistics. Following that, he spent seven years at Weatherford Asia Pacific in the following roles: graduate trainee, support engineer, operations coordinator, and regional product line manager.  In his last position, he headed a team of 21 people, generating yearly revenues of more than 10 million USD.

Aaron strongly believes in personal development and is passionate about helping young people grow. Outside of work, he loves reading, writing, sports and music. When he’s not at basketball/futsal/gym – you can normally find him at home with his guitars and blog:

Aaron was a PETRONAS scholar. He graduated with First Class honors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP).

Youth Programmes Lead

Currently the Youth Programmes Lead at Leaderonomics after graduating from HELP University with a BA (Hons) in Psychology and equipped with a passion for youth development and seeing individuals realize their full potential. Nicholas has experience in planning and executing youth leadership programmes and camps. He has 7 years experience of youth engagement through music education.

Areas of expertise: Youth and community engagement, tutoring and mentoring, community and social development.

Senior Analyst

Alvin is a part of the Leaderonomics Campus team as a Senior Analyst. Armed with a passion for young people on one hand and a cup of coffee on the other, he is on a mission to develop university students and young adults to stand out in the workplace and in the world; both in competency and character. In his time here, he has delivered programs including training, facilitation and assessment work for corporate companies such as Axiata, Talent Corp, Malaysia Airlines, Astro, Alliance Bank etc., as well as private and public universities in Malaysia.

Alvin came into Leaderonomics Campus with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a Master’s in Counseling. Since his teenage years, he finds interest in the complexities of human thinking, emotion and behavior. He is also curious about the workings of human relationships, especially in families. Thinking that the best way to understand people is through helping people, he set out on a path to be a licensed and registered counselor, which is currently in its final stages.

Alvin possesses valuable experience in training and developing young people. In his prior attachment to HELP Matriculation Center (HMC) at HELP University, he helped develop a Personal Development and Leadership syllabus for the HMC Foundation Program. On top of that, he was also part of the working team in the development and operations of the HMC Leadership Camps, including training and facilitation in the camps. He was also tasked to be the lecturer advisor to the HMC Student Facilitators, a student body formed for the purpose of teaching and training students in the art and science of group facilitation.

Prior to Leaderonomics and counseling, Alvin found joy in teaching. He first worked at Sri KDU Primary School as an English and Physical Education teacher to many bouncing balls of energy. Then he moved on to HMC at HELP University to teach Psychology and Personal Development and Leadership. He enjoys engaging the minds of young people and lead them to learn the theories from multiple perspectives so as to broaden their mindsets. He also enjoys injecting fun into his classes as he believes that fun is an essential element in the learning process.

In his spare time, Alvin enjoys exploring the world of coffee and latte art. He has coffee machines both at the workplace and at home. Together with his wife, he enjoys having people over to his place for a chat or a round of board games over cups of hot brew