20 February 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Prethiba Esvary

Prethiba always thought she was meant to be in the field of science. But then she had a turning point and decided to switch paths and pursue her passion, which is writing.

Equipped with a degree in PR and Journalism, she is now a writer and assistant editor with the Leaderonomics Editorial team. She writes, curates content, connects with thought leaders and helps organisations tell inspiring stories of what makes each of them great.

With a passion for devising creative new ideas and turning complex concepts into captivating stories, she believes in impacting the world through the written word. This curious learner is open to trying her hand at new things and is always looking to develop herself further. She believes that time waits for no man (or in this case, woman) and without becoming better, she can’t fulfil her personal and career goals.