20 February 2017, Comments: Comments Off on Gurpreet Singh

Gurpreet Singh is a part of the youth team stationed under the community arm at Leaderonomics, working predominantly as the partnerships lead, tasked to build and grow relationships with current and potential partners and identify synergies through which mutually beneficial outcomes can be realized. Additionally, Gurpreet also is a teacher/facilitator of Leaderonomics Club, an leadership development club formed within secondary schools as part of their extracurricular initiatives, to build strong leadership character among secondary school students, solidified around a core value system, that serves as the guiding post and moral compass for sound decision making.

Prior to this role in Leaderonomics, Gurpreet was a recruitment consultant for the Human Resource function across various industries with one of the international recruiting agencies. He graduated from the University of Washington and Curtin University with a BA in Business Administration (Marketing & Management) and an MBA in International Business respectively