Malaysian Leadership Summit 2018 : Leadership in the Age of Disruption

— 6 Global Speeches. 1 CEO Panel. All For A Good Cause. An Event Not To Be Missed. —

The MALAYSIAN LEADERSHIP SUMMIT 2018 gathers global speakers like Scott Friedman, Paul N Larsen, Rebecca Morgan and many more, specifically for a good cause. This leadership conference will not only enrich your views about leadership but will also make a meaningful difference in the lives of the less fortunate as all proceeds go to NGOs.

Join us with other corporate leaders to gather insights on what’s needed to lead in the current disruptive age and make an impact in supporting the NGOs in Malaysia.

DATE: 8 May 2018 (9AM – 5PM)
VENUE: Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara (See Map Below for Directions)
Price: RM580.00 per pax

This event is HRDF claimable and proceeds will be donated to assist the development of NGOs in Malaysia.

Venue: Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara

Roshan Thiran
Scott Friedman
Rebecca Morgan
Paul N Larsen
Manoj Menon
Jana Stanfield

Join us on this meaningful leadership journey.


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Roshan Thiran


Roshan Thiran is the Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics, a social enterprise dedicated to providing access to leadership development to everyone of all ages in developing nations across Asia Pacific. Leaderonomics has grown into one of the largest social enterprises and has built numerous impactful ‘social’ initiatives including, DIODE, Dropzone, Leaderonomics’ Club, LeaderonomicsTV and other social work.

Roshan began his career with Exxon-Mobil in an operational role. He later moved to General Electric (GE) and began his GE career at GE Investments in Stamford, CT, USA leading the start-up efforts of a mutual fund as an Investment Analyst. He was later drafted into GE Capital’s Financial Management Program (FMP) and had a number of Finance assignments with various GE Capital businesses, GE International in Shelton CT and also leading an integration effort at GE Global Compression Services in Dallas, TX.

Roshan then joined National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) at its Rockefeller Center, New York City hub as News & Sports Analyst responsible for 6 news programs, The Today Show, Dateline, and Sunrise and lead the MSNBC cable network start-up efforts. He was part of numerous media initiatives at NBC Universal helping drive growth.

Roshan then moved to London, UK, to take on a cross-functional pan-Europe role for GE Capital Europe focusing on acquisition and integration of operations and processes across Europe and the US. Roshan returned to the US in 1998 to join GE Corporate Initiatives Group (CIG), GE’s think-tank, and later took on the role as project manager of global Y2K efforts.

In April 1999, Roshan moved to Malaysia as CFO & Executive Director of GE Engines Services Malaysia (GEESM). Roshan helped grow GEESM 5 times in 2 years and helped in its successful turnaround, including enabling it to be “best-in the world” in a number of areas. In 2001 Roshan took on a leadership development role with GE Crotonville as a Learning Leader, spearheading the training and leadership development efforts in Asia Pacific and Australia.

In 2003, Roshan took over as Director of HR Asia Pacific, overseeing Finance organizations across Asia. In 2007. Roshan moved out of GE and took a role as the Director of Global Talent Management for Johnson & Johnson. He supported J & J’s global emerging leader programme design and implementation and the Global Succession Planning and Performance Management projects. He was also instrumental in driving talent management processes across Asia.

He has won numerous awards in business, HR and leadership development, including a Global HR award and the Malaysia HR Leader Award. Roshan currently hosts his own TV show and also writes a few newspaper columns and has his own weekly radio segment. He is a key thought leader in the field of leadership and business and frequently speaks at global conferences.

Scott Friedman

President of the National Speakers Association (NSA)

Scott Friedman, CSP, 2004-05 President of the National Speakers Association (NSA), is the author of four books: A Celebration a Day! 365 Ways to a Happier, Healthier Workplace, Celebrate! Lessons Learned from the World’s Most Admired Organizations, Happily Ever Laughter — How to Engage Any Audience, and Using Humor for a Change.

As a motivational humorist, Scott’s main area of expertise is employee innovation, customer experience and using humor/celebration as a strategic tool.

Rebecca Morgan

International Speaker, Trainer and Consultant

Rebecca L. Morgan, CSP, CMC, is an international speaker, trainer and consultant specializing in leadership development implementation. She’s appeared on 60 Minutes, Oprah, the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio, and USA Today as well as international media such as the Straits Times, Brunei Times, and the Malaysian Star.

Rebecca is the bestselling author of 26 books, including Extraordinary Leadership Lessons from Everyday People and Grow Your Key Talent: Thought-Provoking Essays for Business Owners, Executives and Managers on Developing Star Staff.

Leading in the Age of Disruption: Apply Google’s Best Team Strategies to Your Organization

Participants will understand:

–  Current disruptive companies and how these may affect their business

–  Airbnb’s environment that encourages innovative thinking

–  Google’s 5 top elements for creating an effective team

–  The top finding from the Google team study that had the biggest impact

–  How to apply Google’s learnings to your organization

Work. Play. Give. — Creating a Thriving, Disruptive Workplace

Participants will understand how to:

–  create an environment where people utilize their highest skills and talents

–  encourage playfulness for connecting with colleagues, as well as improving creativity and innovation.

–  foster giving not only funds, but one’s spirit, kindness and heart, in the workplace and in the community.

Paul N Larsen

Certified Professional Performance Coach

Paul N. Larsen, MA, CPPC, is a Certified Professional Performance Coach, a certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach and an accomplished leadership consultant and speaker.

Find Your Influential VOICE in the Age of Disruption!

During this disruptive and engaging session, you will learn how to create your unique “VOICE of Disruption” by

–  understanding the key differences between innovation and disruption.

–  leading yourself and your team using the six successful characteristics of self-management within a disruptive world.

–  building a purposeful and deliberate leadership brand.

Manoj Menon

MD of Front & Sullivan APAC

He is a pioneer and MD of Frost & Sullivan APAC with a keen interest in future trends and business model innovations. Manoj is passionate about working with people, organizations and the wider community to achieve their potential and make a difference.

With deep understanding of the diversity in Asian business, and all its contextual variations and formulation, he has been an integral part of the journey of building Frost & Sullivan for the last 20 years. Being around clients from leading multinational companies, regulators and government bodies, he has observed business innovation getting stifled because conventional wisdom is seldom challenged. The focus of his recent work is how can organizations use innovation in business models to prepare for the future? How does one discover that change?

Jana Stanfield

Co-founder of Together We Can Change the World

Jana Stanfield, CSP, is a world-class musician, speaker, and co-founder of Together We Can Change the World with fellow international speaker, CSP Scott Friedman. After writing songs that put gold and platinum albums on her walls, Jana spent the last 10 years focusing on what she calls “increasing the global good.”

Through their Together We Can Change the World seminars in Southeast Asia, she teaches business leaders how to combine their unique skill set with a positive mindset. Demonstrating the universal appeal of combining education with music and humor, Jana Stanfield delivers her entertaining and educational Keynote Concerts around the world. She was a featured TEDx speaker at NASA in the U.S., and in Chennai, India. Through her international travel business, she uses global travel as a teaching tool for experiential education and cultural connection.