Cross-selling and Up-selling Skills

Cross-selling and Up-selling Skills

Who Should Attend

Customer Service Professionals – Contact Centres.


Course Outline

Concepts of

Customer Servicing

and Sales

• The definition of Marketing, Sales and Customer Service

• The concept of customer service and its value of customer retention

• Definition of Caller Satisfaction, Conversions and Up-Selling

• Understanding potential revenue impact on every call received

• Developing a personal management plan to manage targets

Up-Selling Opportunities • Understanding of products and services offerings and what can be up-sell

• Defining its advantages, benefits and target market

• Stages of Selling – Tune In, Identify Opportunities, Match Needs, Seek Agreement

• How to be an Effective Sales Professional

• Developing the skills of connecting, questioning, and probing, listening, confirming and providing

Converting Shoppers Into Buyers • Recognising shoppers behaviours

• Understanding shoppers needs

• Recommending the right service/product at the right rate

• Overcoming various types of objections and price resistance