Client-Based Selling Strategies

Client-Based Selling Strategies


This is a great sales training course for people new to sales and those wanting to gain basic sales knowledge. It is specially designed for people new to sales, moving into a sales role, or starting their own sales based small business.

By the end of the module, participants will be able to:

i.   Understand the Six Steps Process of Selling.

ii.  Develop proficiency in each area of the selling process.

iii. Establish a stream of prospective clients.

iv. Adopt the habits of top performing sales achievers.

Who Should Attend

Sales executives who are new and front liners who wish to jump-start their sales career. A good
refresher for those who wish to revisit the fundamentals of selling.

Course Description

This programme is designed to provide new sales executives with the knowledge of the 6-step sales cycle and the know how to be effective in each area of the process. Each session starts with an introduction of a specific scope, followed by role plays and simulations in order to bring out the best learning experiences.


Course Outline

Introduction to the Selling Process • A quick overview of the 6 steps sales cycle
Managing Database for

Sales Success

• Learning the importance of managing and replenishing

database for continued success in selling

Pre-Approach work

– Qualifying Prospects

• Discovering effective tools to qualify prospects into

potential buyers

The Approach

– Making the Sales Call

• Exploring various approach in making the sales call,

be it face to face or through telemarketing

Identifying and Matching

Client Needs

• Establishing customer needs through skilful questioning

and matching needs with product or services

Negotiating the Close • A look at how to attempt a close and what to do in

order to prepare the client for the close

Handling Objections • Learning the principles involved in handling objections

from customers

Strengthening Relationships

and Soliciting Referrals

• Learning to establish a strong relationship with customers and how to approach clients for referrals