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Leaderonomics Digital Learning provides a library of insightful courses that aim to help people in different levels of the organisation build leadership skills that would support them in their work and leadership journey. Courses are designed to enhance applicability and relevance, and in our design process we bear in mind all learning styles and needs.

Our Digital Learning offering is specifically targeting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to develop their employees on a similar scale with big corporations, by investing significantly less. Taking our mission to new spheres to grow people into leaders, we are now able to provide leadership development through digital learning solutions, focusing specifically on SMEs, a segment that we have not reached thus far. Why? Because we feel that this segment of the economy is the future – and we feel that amidst the myriad of digital learning offerings that are out there servicing the big companies or individual learners, SMEs are left behind.

By providing very affordable, easily accessible, local, well-researched and up-to-date content, with the option to complement with traditional (face-to-face) learning, we believe that our solution would allow SMEs to go to the next level. We create the opportunity to have a local knowledge partner that can empower their employees with new learning and development at their fingertips. We believe that our new offering will provide an opportunity for SMEs to have a consistent, planned, yet affordable tool in place that will allow them to develop their people the way they aspire to, helping their companies reach greater heights at the same time.






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