In our effort to explore leadership without the usual long-winded style, we started our very own leadership web-channel on YouTube @leaderonomicsmedia.

When you surf on Leaderonomics TV, you’ll be presented with a wide variety of shows to explore. Among them are The Leaderonomics Show, an online talk show interviewing global leaders hosted by Leaderonomics CEO Roshan Thiran, and Be a Leader, a light-hearted and informative series about workplace woes and leadership solutions. For easy access to these great shows, you'll find episodes on the right hand panel of this page.

Driven by our core principles as a social enterprise and our commitment to the community, Leaderonomics TV also aims to encourage and inspire the nation by featuring community leaders as well as highlighting cool and interesting efforts by ordinary Malaysians.

Our take is that our videos don't need to scream LEADERSHIP for you to take something away. Sometimes all change needs is a new thought, idea or revelation to spark something remarkable in your journey. Make the most of our content! It's free because we believe every person deserves the right to great content to help you in your personal development.

A few examples from our video collection