About Leaderonomics Good Monday

Leaderonomics Good Monday focuses on developing leaders to be accountable and engaging both at work and at home. This is achieved not through competency management but by culture design – emphasizing on the need to think and act differently, not according to popular paradigms but by following tested principles. We believe that the key to transforming organistions is through one CEO at a time. More info below.

Past Webinar : 19 July 2017

Strengths vs Weaknesses: Which should organisational leaders focus on to bridge the gap between employee engagement and high performance culture?

Leaderonomics Good Monday had a very exciting webinar conducted by Joseph Tan, Malaysia’s first Gallup-certified strengths coach and CEO of Leaderonomics Good Monday. It was an engaging learning session exchanging ideas on how to increase productivity and grow our organisational leaders with it’s learning objectives that centered around:

  1. Distinguishing between the return of investment (ROI) investing in strengths vs weaknesses
  2. Understanding how to increase employee engagement
  3. Discovering the secret for sustainable high performance

About the Speaker

Joseph Tan
Senior Faculty
CEO of Leaderonomics Good Monday

Joseph leads a team of program managers and facilitators to address cultural and engagement issues at Leaderonomics. He is specialised in providing the distinctiveness of consulting with organisations to create a roadmap for creating a culture of high performance. Joseph has trained for companies across various industries and different regions, covering multinationals and growing SMEs.


Our Philosophy

The philosophy of LGM is to partner with high-performance leaders to capture the hearts and minds of their employees through a strengths-based, accountability-driven approach.

Engagement Excellence = Strengths + Character + Accountability

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    Strengths Leadership

    You cannot be anything you want to be – but you can be a lot more of who you already are. Click here for discovery sessions which focus on each person’s strengths and manage around weaknesses. The goal is to identify talents and ensure right fit.

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    Character Leadership

    Of all the properties which one can have, not one is so highly prized as that of character. Click here for development sessions which focus on personal transformation in the way we relate at work, at home and in life. The goal is to develop great managers who can engage.

Your organization needs an engagement excellence focus if ..

  1. Turnover remains high despite efforts to improve remuneration, benefits and work environment.
  2. High blame-culture with individualistic employees who do not take personal ownership and accountability.
  3. Poor job fit and consequently poor motivation and morale.
  4. Plenty of employee surveys and yet there is poor alignment between engagement and performance.
  5. Managers are more instructional rather than inspirational, with poor coaching skills.


To get more information on LGM and its offerings and services, contact Joseph Tan at joseph.tan@leaderonomics.com