This course teaches you to:

• Define KPI and its relevance to the participants’ areas of responsibility.

• Set expectations and work together to improve performance.

• Assess and review performance strengths and weaknesses.

• Enhance awareness of obstacles to success and take actions to overcome them.

• Contribute to organisational objectives.

Who Should Attend

Supervisors, executives, managers, senior management and anyone who needs to handle their areas well.


Course Description

The performance of organisations is among the top agendas in any management, and quite rightly so. Many organisations however are measuring the “wrong square peg in a round hole”, as demonstrated by them being like busy bees without collecting any honey. And since you cannot hope to manage what you cannot measure properly, it is no wonder many are not performing up to expectations. You may end up praising the bad and reprimanding the good.


2 Days


Course Contents

1. Introduction to Performance Measurement, KRA and KPI.

– What are KRA and KPI?

2. How is KRA/KPI linked with Performance Management.

3. The reasons for setting KPI.

4. Right & wrong types of KPI.

– How to set the correct KPI?

5. Parkinson Principle.

– The role of Goal Setting

6. Empowerment and ownership.

– Cases of empowerment and their results

7. System concept & Review system.

– What is a management system?

– Why should there be a review for performance?

8. Continuous improvement and raising the bar.

– Definition of continuous improvement and the concept, believability, and practice of “zero problem”

9. Summary and Assignments:

1) Set KPI for respective areas,

2) Set up regular reviews of KPI. Commitment dates will be secured at the end of training.