Excellence in Workplace Performance


Excellence in Workplace Performance is a workshop that enables participants to reflect on their own mindsets and support the individual’s change towards progression for the benefit of the organisation by implementing the KPI’s and KRA’s as envisioned by the organisation. After attending participants will be able to:
i. To achieve the KPI’s and KRA’s.
ii. Position themselves as a professional.
iii. Discuss techniques for enhancing their professional and personal image.
iv. Learn the importance of accepting change and excelling in the workplace.
v. Know common motivational theories and how to apply them.
vi. Educate themselves in ways to create a motivational climate and design a motivating job.
vii.Set themselves apart from others and rise to challenges.


Who Should Attend

Secretaries, Office administrators, Personal Assistants, Supervisors, Clerks, Union level employees.


Course Description

If you’re an administrative professional, you need to have much more than traditional “secretarial skills”. To function in today’s office environment, you need highly developed skills to navigate your way through the difficult situations that you often face at work. What’s more, you need to keep a positive attitude while handling multiple tasks. The greatest setback in organisations is the trapped mindsets of its people. It takes more than ability to thrive and to excel in today’s highly skilled and competitive market.
Excellence in Workplace Performance provides the answer to how one survives, thrives, excels, and achieves distinction in today’s workplace. During this training, we’ll use group discussions, exercises, interactive sessions, role-play & video sessions to fully immerse yourself in these topics, as well as learn ways to set new standards and push the limits of your job. Return to work prepared to tackle your daily challenges head-on with confidence and ease. Get ready to take the next step in your career to achieve excellence and meet the KPI’s and KRA’s of your organisation!



2 days


Course Outline


KPI’s And KRA’s

Defining the concepts
Applying its importance and understanding its benefits in achieving excellence

Getting Out Of The House

Increasing energy — eating a healthy breakfast Home expectations vs. job expectations

Arriving At Work And Managing Yourself

Checking and prioritizing voicemails and e-mails
Prepare for meetings and upcoming office events
Delegating work
Getting organised

Key Principles For Achieving Excellence

Having the hunger for excellence Benchmarking the best
Going all out; working really hard
Going beyond mediocre at work Understanding the importance of urgency Formalising daily goals

Benefits Of Setting Yourself Apart

Managing personal change
Using the five factor model
Understanding the significance of emotional intelligence at
the workplace
Understanding the qualities and work values of a valuable employee

Steps To Make KPI’s And KRA’s Work

Deciding what constitutes success
Measuring the right things
Making sure everybody understands the goals and measurements Applying the 9 Essential Life Skills
Developing positive habits

Motivation In The Workplace

What is motivation and why it matters and its barriers? Understanding external and Internal motivation
Assessing yourself using the Myers Brigg Test
Understanding and applying motivational theories and principles

Get Set For
Success- Establishing Motivating Goals

Realising the functional areas of life
Preparing the lifelong To-Do List
Setting motivating goals
Pursuing professional and personal goals