Strengths-based Leadership


Strengths-Based Leadership is based upon Gallup’s Clifton Strength Finder Assessment. It is the only programme that will help you discover your own signature intrinsic Strengths Profile! Together with latest scientific research on high performance will introduce the importance of self-knowledge as a basis for effective management of performance. It will provide a forum for you to focus on your Strengths, find ways to improve on the way you work best, and clarify your values allowing you to make the greatest contribution to the organisation.

Who Should Attend

Anyone wanting to discover what it is they are best at doing, Managers who want to get the best out of their employee and Project Managers who rely heavily on teamwork to achieve success.


1 day


Course Outline

Self-Mastery Knowing your values and preferences

Integrating your values with that of your organisation

Cognitive Preference Knowing your individual preferred learning style

Adapting to the 4 stages of processing information

EI and Performance Constant awareness that your emotional state affects your interactions

Understanding emotional intelligence and impact on you as a leader

Strengths Profile Discovering your top 5 strengths and how to leverage them

Understand the Strengths-Based Leadership approach

Your Motivations Understanding the underlying motivation governing your actions

Understanding motivation drivers – power, achievement, or affiliation

Success Conversations Building responsiveness, holding courageous discussions

Performance Management

Coaching for Strengths Techniques for dealing with underachievers

Formulating action plans to help underperformers meet expectations