Strategic Leadership In a Fast-Changing Economy


In this workshop the key learning points are:

i. Understand the strategic planning process.

ii. Assess and review strategy and align corporate vision & goals to the environment.

iii. Perform strategic analysis and establish strategic plans using the Balanced Scorecard approach.

iv. Apply strategic finance to manage cash flow more effectively.

v. Learn how to get others to perform – motivation and innovation in order to achieve peak performance.

Who Should Attend

CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Heads of Departments.

Course Description

This workshop will equip managers with leadership skills to navigate their organisations in a challenging environment by applying various strategic management techniques and processes.
The sessions will include case studies, group activities (games) and discussions as part of a comprehensive experiential learning experience.


2 Days


Course Outline

Leadership in General What is self-leadership?

Appreciating values-based leadership

Understanding the different levels of leadership and key functions of leadership

Strategic Management Understanding what is strategic management

Learn the strategic planning process and how strategies are developed

Strategic Management Techniques Learn to identify specific information and data for analysis

Identify sources for market/business intelligence

Practise using SWOT, the Balanced Scorecard and other analysis techniques

Strategies for Marketing & Growth Learn innovative “guerrilla” tactics for marketing to increase sales and market share
Strategies for Communication Understanding the Power of Words and the need for a Clear and Compelling Vision

Practise speaking and writing from the heart

Motivating Performance Learn effective motivating techniques

Learn how to build trust and connect with teams