Being customer-focused goes beyond the quality of product/service offerings. It includes understanding your customer’s corporate strategy and ensuring that offerings match their overall strategy, as well as maintaining a strong relationship with them.

This course teaches you how to:

i. Develop and maintain solid, long-term relationships with customers.

ii. Identify and manage customer expectations with regards to your role as an account manager.

iii. Produce short, medium, and long term client account plans.

iv. Close deals through calm, confident sales techniques rather than hard selling.


Who Should Attend

Account managers and those who may have to manage or mentor account managers.


Course Description

This programme enables you to identify common techniques that are applied to build rapport with customers and subsequently, strong, trusting, long-term relationships with your customers. You will learn strategies to tackle situations with emotional maturity. It also includes simulations, role playing activities, and interactive workshops to give you practical experience.



3 Days


Course Outline

Basic communication skills

Learning basic communication skills to build rapport with customers

Appreciating the importance of subtle non-verbal behaviour

Developing active listening skills

Building credibility

Discovering convincing channels of communication

Dealing with explicit and implicit resistance

Managing tense atmospheres with emotional intelligence

Difficult conversations

Soliciting customer expectations (both explicit and implicit)

Negotiating deliverables and your role with customers and managing their expectations


Learning to align your priorities with customer priorities

Ascertaining your competitive advantage in the market and capitalising strengths and applying strategies to mitigate the effects of inherent weaknesses

Strategic thinking and planning

Formulating short, medium, and long term client account plans by having a sense of anticipation of clients’ future needs

Understanding the dynamics that shape your clients’ industry, including the roles of key stakeholders