Creating A Smoke Free Workplace


The corporate industry today is incurring increasing additional cost in areas of medical bills due to cigarette-related diseases. Because of the increasing number of smokers in office environments, many staff are spending more time smoking out of office, in fire escapes or designated smoking rooms. This has created a lapse of productivity time due to smoking. Our ROI shows an organisation spends 15 working days or a month’s salary annually to a smoker each year.
This course will help participants with:
• An educational programme to quit smoking and increase productivity at work.
• A non-drug method that does not impose ‘pain’ as the motivator to quit.
• A specialist training programme with therapy processes.
• A non-drug educational solution towards a Smoke-Free Office instead of a Smoke outside Office. • Complements towards OSHA activities.
• Reducing cigarette related medical bills and excessive insurance loading tax. • Reducing possible risk due to cancer and stroke.


Who Should Attend

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Course Description

S2QS is a practical guide to effective accelerated cigarette quitting. It includes tools and information on a variety of education and mind techniques, which other convention anti- tobacco methods or courses just don’t teach you. Smoking is a psychological addiction, and tablets or nicotine replacement products cannot address the mental addiction. Creating a change of attitude in your mind changes the physiological behaviour of your body. At our S2QS programme, we have decided to expose you a number of the world’s best techniques, so you can develop the mindset that empowers and drives you to take charge and be a non-smoker. This course is based on the clinical principles and book “The Science to Quit Smoking” by Julian Leicester, Malaysia’s leading quit smoking specialist.



2 days


Course Outline


Making The Quit Conversion Orientation

Registration of Participants – Voluntary Release Forms, Questionnaires Video documentation on Smoker’s profile
Cigarette Slayer Programme – Becoming a Non-Smoker
Cigarette Slayer Programme – Handling Emotions and Limiting Beliefs Cigarette Slayer Programme – Remaining a Non-Smoker
Participants review

Anti-Relapse and Anti-Smoking Risk Management

Participants review
Cigarette Slayer Programme – Handling Cravings and Peer Pressure Cigarette Slayer Momentum – the weeks to come
Cigarette Slayer Programme – Risk Management

Online S2QS System e-lesson – Momentum Days

Online Assessment and Tips
Online Daily Coaching.
One-to-One Support – Skype
Online Media therapy
Download media therapy
Download daily assignments and information

Celebration -Certificate Presentation

Participants review and video testimonies
Cigarette Slayer – What next from here?
You are the Cigarette Slayer
Health and You – Perfecting the Edge CEO Certificate Presentation