Coaching For Performance


As a leader, your role is to get the best out of your team. By attending this 2 days session you will:

i. Understand the fundamentals and dimensions of coaching.

ii. Familiarise yourself with a coaching framework and feedback process to help enhance the

performance of your team.

iii. Learn how establishing rapport for effective coaching.

iv. Create a question bank of powerful coaching questions.

v. Practice active listening skills, coaching by asking questions and giving effective feedback.

Who Should Attend

Managers, supervisors, individual contributors in the talent pool.


Course Description

This session is designed to equip business leaders with the essentials coaching skills to help enhance their team’s performance. It’s an action learning session where it includes role plays, case studies and coaching activities to provide you with the necessary practical coaching experience.



2 Days


Course Outline

The fundamentals of coaching Understand the drivers that shape the behaviours of effective coaches

Learn the R.E.D. (Reinforce, Enhance, Develop) dimensions of coaching

Coaching frameworks for performance The 2B2R success cycle

Familiarise with G.A.P.S coaching framework and process (Goals, Ability, Perceptions, Standards)

Master the skill of giving and receiving feedback

FIRST (Focus, Implement, Reflect, Seek, Transfer) – Forwarding action plan

Establishing rapport with team member Learn principles of establishing rapport for effective coaching

Practice emphatic listening skills

Powerful coaching questions Learn the language of effective coaches

Develop “Frequently Used” powerful question bank

Coaching practises Work on actual workplace coaching example using the framework shared

Fishbowl feedback role play