Long-Term Sustainable Business Growth with the LIEF system


A common mistake any business has is the short term tactical focus towards immediate sales and revenue generation. This short-term mentality often neglects the long-term growth prospect of the business. For businesses with visions to develop long term sustainable brands or business franchises, a strategic long term growth framework is required to proactively develop their loyal base of customers/clients/fans. This workshop gives participants:

• An overview of building long-term business growth dynamic and a life time’s worth of fans.
• An understanding the systematic framework to develop long-term fans for the products or services.
• Details of each consumer stage – Leads, Customers, Clients and Fans.
• Action plans and answer strategic questions for each step in LIEF System.
• New business operandi with LIEF System to continuously moving prospects to customers to clients to fans.


Who Should Attend

Anyone in strategic business development and executive functions, such as Marketing, Product Management, Communication, Client Servicing, Key Account, Sales Management. Senior Management team members like Group Marketing Managers, Marketing Directors, National Sales Managers, Sales Directors, CEO and MD will benefit greatly from this highly strategic workshop.

Course Description

This programme introduces a highly-effective and structured system that initiates the life cycle of consumers from Leads to Customers to Clients and to Fans. This systematic approach towards building long-term business franchise should be the system all businesses who set their business objectives to long-term sustainable growth adopt. With continuous growing customers/clients/ fans base under the LIEF System, businesses will enjoy long term growth and sustainability. This programme is designed to challenge the participants to relook into their current marketing operandi and fine tune to support a long-term growth proposition through interactive consulting-led workshop format.


2 Days


Course Outline

Introduction to Marketing Basics Objectives of Marketing Strategies

Features, Benefits and Values

Basic 4P and beyond

5 Ways to Drastically Increase Your Business Profit

LIEF System 101 Introduction to the LIEF System

Concept of Life Time Worth

Calculating Life Time Worth of your customers

Importance of the LIEF System

How LIEF creates a sustainable business model

Leads Stage What are Leads?

Who are your targets?

Evaluation: 5 Key Questions to Ask

What are the Strategic Options to generate leads and reach out to new segments?

Formulate your Lead Generation Strategies

Interaction Stage Conversion to Customers

Types of Interaction Channels

Evaluation: 5 Questions to Ask

What are the Strategic Options to convert more qualified leads into “customers”?

Formulate your Interaction Strategies

Engagement Stage What is Engagement?

Life Time Worth of a Consumer

Converting Customers to Clients

Evaluation: 5 Questions to Ask

What are the Strategic Options to engage customers and retain them for long term?

Formulate your Engagement Strategies

Fortification Stage What is Fortification?

Why are Fans important?

How to create Fans?

Evaluation: 5 Questions to Ask

What are the Strategic Options to fortify the relationship and keep the client motivated?

How to utilise your Fans to enhance your Leads Generation and Interaction Conversion success?

Your Complete LIEF System Build your complete LIEF System

Put your LIEF System into Actions