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Business Mastery
The essence of business mastery is the ability to identify opportunities and connect the dots. The most successful leaders understand their environment, and are able to spot gaps and envision a way forward.
Functional Mastery
Functional mastery is all about expertise. Successful leaders are not jacks of all trades and masters of none. They possess depth and have spent energy and time in specified areas to acquire credibility in their chosen fields.

Leadership Mastery
Leadership mastery is as much about decision-making and timing of usage of traits as it is about competency of leadership traits. This mastery is developed through exposure to different contexts and experience.

Personal Mastery
Personal mastery boils down to the self and how effective we are as individuals. It encompasses elements such as our ability to influence, communicate, energise, create, and manage time and projects.
Senior Level
Senior level leaders encompasses Senior-Vice Presidents, Senior General Managers, General Managers, Senior Managers etc.

Middle Level
Middle level leaders encompasses Managers, Assistant Managers, Senior Supervisors etc.

Junior Level
Junior level leaders encompasses Senior Executives, Executive etc.

Non-Executive Leader
Non-Executive leaders encompasses administrative personnel, clerical staff, support personnel etc.