Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP)

Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP)

“Talent is the only competency that endures, while financial results, market share, brand, and products all undergo changes” –  Bill Conaty ; GE  Senior Vice President for 14 years & co-author of The Talent Masters: Why Smart Leaders put People Before Numbers.

These are exciting yet challenging times for organisations and especially so for organisations that want to develop and win at the marketplace. One key strategic element thus is human capital which is going to be the difference between your organisation leaving a legacy and leaving as a footnote in history!

Leaderonomics Talent Accelerator Programmes provides you a strong weapon in your arsenal in the War for Talents – a term coined by Steve Hankin of McKinsey  in 1997 which is still as relevant today as it was 15 years ago. The key to this is not a set of superior Human Resource process – although that is important – but a mind set that emphasises the importance of talent to the success of the organisation.

As you continue to grow as an organisation, the challenge is to be recognised for your leadership, culture, and best practices that attract, optimise, and retain top talent.


We believe that this framework will allow your talent to embark on a continuous competency-enhancing cycle because the defined and carefully designed experiences will drive the competencies that create value and growth. These will, in turn, generate new experiences. Over time, this self sustaining cyclical process will automatically drive competitiveness, whilst providing your high potentials with meaningful and fulfilling experiences to facilitate talent retention and personal growth and development.


Experiential Learning Modules
Leaderonomics Experiential Learning Modules are energy filled sessions that are highly interactive and comprises of hands on activities to ensure learning is internalised and practised. Learning focuses on 4 essential areas of Personal Mastery, Functional Mastery, Business Mastery and Leadership Mastery.

Business Simulations
As the talents learn, they are also thrown into various challenging and stressful business simulations that are designed to emulate real world experiences and crisis so that they will immediately apply their learnings. Our simulations involve a variety of board games, artificial intelligence tools and also actors who make situations come alive for your talents and force them to strategise. The impact of learning from their failures in handling crisis makes participants stronger and increases their survival skills tremendously.

Live Projects
Live Projects are one of the highlights of our Talent Acceleration Programmes which adds value back to the organisation during the course of the programme. Talents undertake real business issues identified by your senior leaders, CEO’s office or even the Board of Directors, that would increase the performance of your organisation. Talents also take on Community Projects to nurture their leadership skills in the community and build values that would take your organisation into the future.

Best Practice Field Trips
The TAP programme brings your talents for Field Trips to allow participants to learn from organisations outside of their industry that are best at what they do. These insightful visits always bring in fresh perspectives and innovative ideas for your talent that can be applied back to your organisation. It also fosters networking between organisations.

Leaders’ Sharing
Learning from the experiences, journey and failures of successful leaders through Leadership Sharing sessions is an integrated part of the TAP programme. Respected Business Leaders, NGO Leaders, Thought Leaders, Social Leaders and Education Leaders are invited to have talks, roundtables and debates with your talents. Senior Leaders from your organisation are also invited to share with the talents and build engagement and rapport.

Psychometric Assessments
Throughout the programme, your talents will be assessed through a variety of psychometric assessments, observations, peer feedbacks and evaluations from your own leaders. Assessments varies from online sessions, interview based methods, role plays, questionnaires and psychologist evaluations to identify their development and progress needs.

Mentoring and Coaching
Our experience tells us that talents accelerate their growth when they are personally mentored or coached. As your talents become more aware of their development needs throughout the programme and seek to improve, the TAP programme provides a structured mentoring or coaching programme to help your talent along their development. More often than not, a successful mentoring/coaching relationship goes a long way in their progress in the organisation.

Case Studies, Reading Plans
Learning from other organisation’s past success stories and failures is an important step for leaders to analyse and synthesize decisions made, strategies and what could have been done to enhance or avoid the mistakes. Leaderonomics makes case studies come alive through videos, group discussions and presentations.

A structured reading plan and tools are also an essential part of the TAP journey to help your leaders find their love for reading and explore possibilities. We incorporate best selling leadership books and have lively discussions and learnings from it.

Business networking is a key feature for ensuring a continual cycle of learning from internal and external organizations, providing an invaluable source of knowledge, best practices and lessons learnt. Leaderonomics provides a structured networking environment through initiatives that will significantly enlarge the scope and ability of your employees’ networking.

Community Project
Community projects is one of the best training ground of leadership where your leaders get to mobilise cross department, cross functional and cross levels of people. This element has always given participants memorable and impactful experiences of leadership where they get to practice all that they’ve learnt and make a difference to the lives of the underprivileged. It also provide a win-win scenario for any organistion by significantly increasing the company’s public image.

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