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Finance Leader

Everyone likes to sexy-fy the role of the Finance Leader and always say it’s not a bean counter role.
We are looking for the BEAN Counter And Much More.

In this role, you will:

• Be accountable for all the governance, statutory reporting, HQ reporting and accounting processes of the group of businesses.

• Lead a team of finance specialist to be excellent in meeting all the reporting deadlines and in providing financial analysis of a
nature that would help all divisions and teams understand the organisations financial position, enabling them to meet their financial obligations.

• Be the gatekeeper of the Social Enterprise ecosystem of the organization to ensure all social initiatives are funded and sustainable.

• Be involved in financial projections, budgeting and planning for group, subsidiaries and also new projects, collaborations and potential joint ventures or acquisitions in Malaysia

• Provide financial guidance to all teams and proposals for pricing our solutions and in partner negotiations.

• Look into the cash position of the company and recommend investment opportunities.

Technology Leader

In the current age, IT is everything and we want to be digitally savvy as a company. We at Leaderonomics, are trying to solve the world’s learning problems by blending technology with the most scientific learning approaches. If you think that you can work with us to create and maintain the BEST version of our website,, we would like to meet you!

We want you in our team if you are:

• Well-versed in HTML5, API, Java, Javascript, AJAX, JSON, XML, REST, PHP, MySQL, CSS3 to assist in maintaining and integrating our beloved systems

• Eager to learn about the latest technology advancements and adopt that within Leaderonomics

• Ethical and has a no-compromise policy when it comes to our database of contacts and ever-growing content library

• Capable and resourceful to support our expanding global operations remotely

UI/UX Ninja

Ninja Role:

• You are mindful and hungry to constantly outdo your own design

• You are open to constructive feedback in creating a heavenly intuitive User Experience

• You will be the individual that will elevate our Digital Learning to a higher peak with your mastery

• You think Photoshop, Illustrator, and Dreamweaver are mere child’s play that you’ve become good at in your past life

• You design with the prioritization of your “Audience” that even the most-non-IT-savvy uncle would find it easy to navigate your art

Research Partner

We are looking for a highly motivated, meticulous, and agile person that can do research on the subject of leadership, learning, and understanding various industries and organizational structures. We are looking for an individual that can undertake tasks of literature review, industry research, as well as assist in designing primary research in the field of leadership development, with the objective of having as output insights for internal and external stakeholders of Leaderonomics, as well as having even more informed solutions to offer through our various divisions.

In this role, you will:

• Read a variety of publications and reports on trends

• Design and develop effective ways of getting the information across to a variety of stakeholders and readers

• Work with teams from the rest of the company to execute short term research projects, as well as work with them to enable them to make use of R&D findings in their solutions and interactions

• Work on designing, executing, transcribing, and analysing interviews

Required skills:

Highly analytical mindset, ability to connect the dots, knowledge of various qualitative and quantitative research methods including interviews, surveys, discourse analysis, regression analysis, structured observation, and focus groups, willingness and ability to consume large amounts of information in the form of reading, videos, transcripts, or any other form that may be useful.

Beyond Expectation (B.E.) Partner

Unfortunately, there’s no conventional job description for this role.

In a nutshell, you are perfecto mundo for us if you are:

• Constantly positive and optimistic even when the world is against you

• A quick learner and LOVES learning new things

• Excited about bringing positive change to our organisation

• Someone who believes that “The Only Constant in Life is Change”

• Sometimes known as a Jack of All Trades and loves being involved in almost everything

• Comfortable with facilitating or leading discussions in a group/crowd (even if you’re secretly an introvert)

P.s. You get extra brownie points if you’ve completed your Chambering/Pupillage

Digital Marketing Partner

For this role, we need someone who is capable of reaching the right audience with the right message! You will need to be the MASTERMIND behind all our engaging digital campaigns by collaborating with the respective business units.

In this role, you will:

• Manage and operate data-driven performance marketing, which includes Search Engine Marketing, Product Listing Ads, Search Engine Optimization and etc

• Analyze site and campaign traffic via web analytics tools (Google Analytics 360, Facebook Dashboard and etc)

• Be in charge of maximizing the utilization of our in-house media platforms and communication channels to create brand awareness among our target audience

• Take ownership of all our marketing collateral and campaigns through emails, Facebook Ads and other digital networks

Digital Learning Instructional Designer/Content Leader (English/BM)

We are looking for a candidate who has in-depth knowledge in educational and instructional design theories, emerging technologies, as well as experience developing computer-based online training and multimedia content. This candidate should be adept in planning, designing and developing content for E-Learning courses using software such as Articulate Storyline, 360, Adobe Captiva and/or other programs as needed from idea conception stage to storyboarding and ultimately course output.

This candidate should be someone who is highly motivated, meticulous and creative and can take the content of our Digital library to the next level by analysing, designing, developing, and implementing high quality online training modules and multimedia content. This individual is also someone who can achieve great quality courses designed and delivered to our users in a way that enhances their understanding, keeps them engaged, and deepens their knowledge in personal development. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as strong interpersonal skills, are essential.

In this role, you will:

• Plan, design and develop content for E-Learning courses using software such as Articulate 360, Adobe Captiva and/or and other programs as needed.

• Storyboard, design, develop, and edit course content using instructional design principles, research, and independent judgment regarding features such as layout, length, narration, audio and video.

• Conduct extensive research to develop course e-content, design specifications, learning objectives, lesson topics, and activities.

• Create quizzes, tests, and guides to build and validate understanding of material covered in each lesson.

• Manage projects with a collaborative approach and help to foster a team-based work environment.

• Take ownership of design, development, and implementation of training and multimedia content, to ensure that the e-Learning content is highly effective and translates to solid behavioural outcomes.

• Ensure instructional items are visually appealing, professional, free from errors, within strategic design, and delivered on time.

• Apply education and instructional design theory, multimedia production techniques, and best practices for end-user experience to develop highly engaging interactive e-Learning applications.

• Leads efforts to assess, review, revise, and update content regularly

• Assists in writing procedure and training manuals. Required materials may include interactive handouts, job aids, manuals, in-class activities, screencasts, short videos, or classroom lesson plans.

• Stay current in the use of technology to support learning and performance improvement.

• Continue to research new tools and technologies to keep learners engaged

• Be competent in the following areas:

– Research, write, and edit storyboards
– Create e-content using various tools and software
– Excellent verbal/written communication skills
– Able to manage planning and workflow with minimal supervision

Digital Learning Content Development Intern – BM courses

We are looking for a highly motivated, meticulous, and creative person that can take the content of our Digital library to the next level. We are looking for an individual that can achieve great quality courses that are designed and delivered to our users in a way that enhances their understanding, keeps them engaged, and deepens their knowledge.

In this role, you will:

• Work on courses from beginning to end, on your own or with others, including research, and instructional design, as well as inputting on the digital platform.

• Work closely with the person in charge of BM courses to ensure content complements and enhances the work of others such as those that work in business development or client engagement.

• Regularly check against the work of other team members and ensure a high quality standard, in terms of language, the credibility of content and its sources, and the creativity in terms of design.

• Enhance and adhere to high standards of creativity and engagement on the instructional design of the courses.

• Constantly benchmark Leaderonomics online courses with other providers and come up with ways of improving.

Digital Learning Content Development Partner (English/BM)

We are looking for a highly motivated, meticulous, and creative person that can take the content of our Digital library to the next level. We are looking for an individual that can guide the team in order to achieve great quality courses that are designed and delivered to our users in a way that enhances their understanding, keeps them engaged, and deepens their knowledge. We are also looking for someone that has a keen eye for potential collaborations that may work, and is willing and able to identify, liaise and work with external collaborators for the production of high quality courses.

In this role, you will:

• Benchmark Leaderonomics online courses with other online learning providers and come up with ways of improving content and delivery

• Create digital learning courses independently or collaboratively

• Seek and contact external potential collaborators and form partnerships that would be beneficial for the collaborator and the Leaderonomics library of digital courses

• Perform research to ensure that content is relevant, up to date and sourced from credible and reliable sources

• Perform content translation (English to Bahasa Malaysia/Bahasa Malaysia to English) as well as edit content to ensure meaning is not lost in translation

• Ensure a high quality standard, in terms of accuracy and credibility of content and its sources, and the creativity in terms of instructional design

• Enhance and adhere to high standards of creativity and engagements on the instructional design of the courses.

• Liaise with platform provider(s) as and when necessary to solve any issues with uploading courses on the platform, talk about specific needs based on our courses, and inform clients and users of new course releases.

• Work closely with the rest of the digital learning team to ensure content complements and enhances the work of others such as those that work in business development or client engagement

• Work closely with client or client management personnel to access learning needs within client organisations

• Conduct training sessions for potential and new clients based on the needs of the organisation

• Generate and analyse reports and engagement and be prepared to communicate the results or findings with clients

• Able to understand the learning needs of various organisations and organise or create courses that fill these gaps or needs

• Provide support for marketing opportunities, networking events as well as exhibitions

Digital Learning Client Management Partner

We are looking for a highly motivated, meticulous, and creative person who is passionate about seeking out and interacting with client organisations to provide and process information in response to inquiries, concerns and requests about products and services.

In this role, you will:

• Be the key personnel for channel setup (based on clients’ requirements), admin training and launch digital learning for all new clients as well as set up new customer accounts

• Able to seek out and liaise with client either by telephone, electronically or face to face to maintain the relationships, to upsell training and course customisation services where possible and necessary record details of actions taken, maintain customer databases, manage administration

• Provide pricing and delivery information, prepare proposals by incorporating client requests as well as organise workflow to meet customer timeframes

• Respond promptly to customer inquiries as well as proactively handle and resolve customer complaints by obtaining and evaluating all relevant information to handle product and service inquiries by communicating proficiently in both English and Bahasa Malaysia

• Actively monitor user engagement and find new ideas for collaborations that will help increase user engagement, communicate and coordinate with internal departments, follow up on customer interactions, provide feedback on the efficiency of the customer service process

• Generate and analyse reports and communicate the results or findings with clients on a monthly basis

• Able to create and disseminate marketing materials, newsletters, as well as design and execute user engagement campaigns with and for clients

• Organise events to promote Digital Learning as well as organise competitions and rewards for clients

• Direct requests and unresolved issues to the designated resource, manage customers’ accounts, keep records of customer interactions and transactions, record details of inquiries, comments and complaints

• Perform customer satisfaction surveys and analysis regularly

• Take on any ad-hoc projects given by the management / team leader

Digital Learning Business Development Partner

Digital Learning by Leaderonomics provides a library of Digital courses as a tool for organisations to grow their people in a systematic and tracked way. In this role, you will promote digital learning to companies, able to generate leads, turn clients into referrals and provide after sales service and support. You should be able to work with the team and communicate as well as find solutions for clients’ needs clearly. In order to be successful, you should be able to influence decision makers.

You must:

Be passionate, performance oriented, enjoy meeting people, communicate well, able to grasp concepts quickly, believe and practice continuous learning, agile and flexible. Preferably, someone with some experience in sales.

Learning & Growth Partner

The heart of our corporate services team is to continuously develop people and organisations. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are keen to engage corporations and partner with them through their development journey. The ideal candidate will have the mind of an entrepreneur and the passion for business development and consultative selling, if you are someone who is highly creative yet organised and love being challenged to take on new tasks and be able to think out of the box, we would love to meet you.

In this role, you will:

• Build long term relationships and own client engagements with C-Suites & Business Unit Heads

• Build a sales pipeline and be responsible for the set revenue target

• Lead consultative meetings with prospects

• Work closely with the design & solutions team to develop and build impact proposals to meet the expectation of clients including RFPs/RFIs.

• Adhere to tight submission deadlines

• Apply design thinking to develop new solutions in line with customers’ needs

• Continuously research and be updated on the needs of various prospects by industry

• Diligently update the CRM and similar systems used by the organisation

Assessments Consultant

Leaderonomics Assessment Centre is often the starting point of a client engagement. The assessment centre assesses leaders and candidates in an organisation, giving a diagnosis of the client’s current talent benchmark and what development can arise from the findings.

In this role, you will:

• Plan, research and attend client meetings, engage in consultation and management of the centre.

• Be an internal assessor for assessment centres

• Write comprehensive reports on assessed candidates for the clients

• Coordinate internal and external assessors for huge projects

• Build professional relationship with clients and candidates

Requirements :
Any degree/masters, preferably in Psychology (esp occupational / industrial psychology), passionate about people development, at least 3 years working experience preferably in HR / training & development or related areas

Youth Programmes Leader

Empowering youths to make a difference where they are being at the core of what we do at Leaderonomics Youth. We believe that young people play a vital role in building communities of love and transforming the nation. If you want to join in this exciting adventure of shaping the leaders of tomorrow, we want to meet you!

In this role, you will :

• Be an ambassador and advocate of Leaderonomics’ Science of Building Leaders in the youth leadership space, constantly engaging and inspiring the youth

• Develop and execute strategies to address the needs and gaps in leadership amongst the youth students of today that is sustainable in the long run

• Build and lead a group of enthusiastic and passionate team of youth enablers in organising youth related programs, camps, workshops, school clubs and initiatives

• Establish an online social network and physical network of kids as a platform for leadership learning

• Engage and build robust partnerships with schools, NGOs, Government Bodies, and other stakeholders to ensure the plans to develop the youth are well supported, impactful and sustainable

You must:

• Have experience working with youth and a working knowledge of youth cultures

• Be passionate about the development of young people, genuinely connecting and taking real interest in their growth, journeying with and challenging them to achieve their goals and aspirations

• Be able to take the lead and also be a hands on team player

• Show initiative and creativity and be willing to adapt to the needs of the team and programme

• Be someone who knows how to balance seriousness and fun

• Be conversant and confident in English and Bahasa Malaysia

Writer & Content Curator – Leadership Content

Leaderonomics produces leadership content every day and a huge part of our DNA is to be able to disseminate Leadership content to people of all walks of life and ages, from local communities to global communities. Our editorial team is fast growing and fueling the platform with endless Leadership content, alongside supporting our Leader’s Digest weekly digital newsletter, 12-page digital publication and fortnightly print publication on Saturdays.

In this role, you will:

• Perform in depth research on Leadership related topics to produce content of a relevant nature to our readers online and offline, to our programme designers and to our media crew for further development

• Conduct interviews with key Leaders to obtain Leadership insights and content that would empower our readers and followers

• Engage with partners in the leadership space to develop new content and to educate the public of great leadership practices

• Be creative yet meticulous to produce the best content within deadlines given

• Be resourceful to curate Leadership content globally for the digital platform and for publication purposes.

If you are keen to apply for any of these roles above, please send your resume to :